The triple jump is an athletics competition in which the competitor has to make three consecutive jumps, landing both on a sandy hill.

Jump distance is measured from the take-off point on your first jump to the first track left after landing.

Why are there so big differences in the record jumps of men and women?

The differences are of course influenced by body structure, genetics and the fact that it is quite young sport by women. The fight for the Olympic gold medal was started by women only in 1996 (men 100 years earlier).

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Why is the triple jump record in the open air better than in the hall?

The most important competitions are organized in an open stadium and the best of the best take part in them. Such rivalry mobilizes people to achieve better results. Additionally, by jumping outside, you can find favorable air movement that will help you achieve a better result.

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How should I perform a triple jump correctly?

According to IAAF guidelines: the jump must be performed so that the athlete, after the first take-off, lands on the same foot from which he started; in stride he should land on the other foot, which he then jumps off and lands on both feet.

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Triplex was an ancient Olympic discipline?

Historical sources were discovered about the ancient Olympic Games in which jumps over 15 m were described. Hence the supposition that it must have been a series of jumps. There is no other evidence.

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When is a jump invalid?

When a competitor crosses the starting line, he confuses the order of the feet on a hit or exceeds the allotted time (90 seconds).

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Where is the best school for triple jump training in Poland?

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What does it take to start triple jump training?

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Triple jump interesting facts

1. The triple jump has been an Olympic discipline since the first modern edition organized in 1896.

2. The women’s triple jump first appeared at the Olympics only in 1996.

3. The first gold medalists in the triple jump (at the 1st Olympic Games in 1896) was James Connolly from the United States. He achieved a result of 13.71 m.

4. In 1829, the triple jump was one of the main competitions at the ancient Taliteann Games (Irish sports competition).

5. The current world record in men’s triple jump is 18.29 m. It was set by Jonathan Edwards from Great Britain on August 7, 1995 in the Swiss city of Gothenburg.

6. The current Polish record in the men’s triple jump is 17.53 m. It was set by Zdzisław Hoffmann on June 4, 1985 in Madrid.

7. The current world record for women’s triple jump is 15.5 m. It was set by Inesa Kraweć from Ukraine on August 10, 1995 in the Swiss city of Gothenburg.

8. The current Polish record in the women’s triple jump is 14.44 m. It was set by Małgorzata Trybańska on July 29, 2010 in Barcelona.

9. The sandbox starts 13 meters from the beam in men’s international competitions and 11 meters in women’s competitions.

10. At the 1980 Olympics in Moscow, the judge missed 8 of the 12 jumps of the top two athletes from Brazil and Australia. The reason was “catching” in flight with the foot on the ground. This helped Russian players win gold and silver medals. After this event, the rules were changed. Touching the ground with your foot during the vault is not a fault.

11. Only 6 jumpers have a personal record of over 18 meters.

12. Christian Taylor crossed the 18-meter barrier the most times, 4 times – 18.11 (2017), 18.06 (2015), 18.04 (2015), 18.02 (2015).

13. Jonathan Edwards jumped 18.43 m. The record was not recognized due to the strong wind (+2.4).

14. The Pole Józef Szmidt won two Olympic gold medals in a triple jump (in Rome in 1960 and in Tokyo in 1964).

15. The Pole Zdzisław Hoffmann at the World Championships in Helsinki in 1983 won the gold medal with a jump of 17.42 m.

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