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Andrzej Gołota is a Polish professional boxer.

He won a bronze medal at the 1988 Olympics in Seoul.

In 1989 in Athens he won the title of European Champion.

He won the Polish Championship four times.

Andrzej Gołota interesting facts

1. Andrzej Gołota fought 52 professionally (41 wins, 9 defeats, 1 draw and 1 fight considered as missed).

2. Andrzej finished 33 fights ahead of schedule.

3. Andrzej Gołota is considered to be the best Polish heavyweight boxer in history.

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4. His son’s name is the same – Andrzej Gołota.

5. In 2010, Andrzej appeared in “Dancing with the Stars”. However, “dancing” in the ring was much better for him.

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6. Andrzej Gołota is right-handed.

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7. On December 20, 1999, on a highway in the US state of Iowa, Andrzej Gołota lost control of the car and collided head-on with a truck. Andrzej’s friend, Tadeusz Godlewski, died in the accident.

8. After the car accident, Andrzej never regained full fitness in his left hand.

9. At the end of 2017, Andrzej Gołota had a serious accident while skiing. It was necessary to carry out a complicated operation of the hand.

10. Many boxing experts believe that Andrzej was robbed twice as World Champion.

11. On December 28, 2017, Gołota won the court against Jarosław Sokołowski “Masa”. The former gangster accused Andrzej of setting up a fight with Michael Grant. The mass has to apologize and pay PLN 10,000 (1 PLN = 0.26 USD).

12. He received the most money in 2000 for fighting Mike Tyson – about $ 3.5 million.

13. He fought for the world title four times.

14. On October 20, 2000, in a fight with Tyson, Andrzej escaped from the ring for which he was heavily criticized. The Pole had a broken cheekbone, which his corner did not want to see. It was also revealed that Tyson was under the influence of marijuana, for which he was suspended for 3 months, and the fight was ultimately deemed not to have taken place.

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Andrzej Gołota questions and answers

Where and when was Andrzej Gołota born?

Andrzej Gołota was born on January 5, 1968 in Warsaw.

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How much does Andrzej Gołota weigh?

Andrzej Gołota weighs about 117 kg.

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How tall is Andrzej Gołota?

Andrzej Gołota is 193 cm tall.

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Andrzej Gołota has a wife?

Yes, Andrzej married Mariola in 1990.

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