Fiat is an Italian automotive concern based in Turin.

It was founded by Giovanni Agnelli on July 11, 1899.

The official website of the concern is at:

Fiat interesting facts

1. The first vehicle produced by the Fiat company was the Fiat 4 HP.

2. Fiat 4 HP had a power of 3.5 HP and could accelerate to 35 km/h.

3. Only 24 Fiat 4 HP were produced.

4. In 1903, the first Fiat branch was established in New York.

5. The first Fiat models resembled horse carriages.

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6. The first Fiat factory employed 150 people. 24 cars were produced annually.

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7. In 1936, the Fiat Topolino was born, the first car to be massively sold in Italy.

8. Fiat also has two-wheeled vehicles under its wing, such as: Gilera, Piaggio and Vespa.

9. The Fiat 600 produced in 1956 was the world’s first minivan.

10. Fiat Campagnola produced in 1951 was the world’s first so-called A SUV, i.e. a combination of a passenger car and an off-road car.

11. In 2014, Fiat took full control of Chrysler for $ 3.65 billion.

12. The largest Fiat factory outside Italy is located in Brazil.

13. Half a million Fiat 500 models were produced in 31 months.

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14. Fiat 125p converted in 1974 by Zbigniew Domański, was the first gas-powered car in Poland.

15. Fiat cinquecento was produced only in the Polish factory in Tychy.

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16. During the 7 years of Fiat cinquecento production (1991-1998), more than 1.1 million units of this model were produced.

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17. Fiat 126p known as “toddler” was the best-selling car in Poland. From 1973 to 2000, over 3.3 million units were produced.

18. At the BBC Knowledge “Wpadki Top Gear” exhibition organized at the beginning of 2014 in Warsaw, a Fiat 126p (toddler) converted into a snowmobile was presented.

19. The Fiat 126p is popular in Cuba. There are estimated to be over 4,000 on the streets of Havana. It is called “fieldsquito”.

20. The last produced Fiat 126p is yellow.

21. Fiat 126p was produced in Poland, Egypt, Yugoslavia, Colombia, Indonesia, Thailand and Italy.

22. There were produced 500 copies of the toddler in the convertible version – Bosmal 126p.

23. In the early 1990s, the Fiat 126 p was the cheapest car sold in Australia.

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24. The Fiat Chrysler Automobiles group also includes such well-known brands as: Iveco, Alfa Romeo, Dodge, Jeep, Lancia, Chrysler, Maserati.

25. During the interwar period and during World War II, Fiat was the main supplier of fighters.

26. Fiat Multipla was considered the worst car model produced in 1998.

27. Until 1904, the company’s name looked like this: F.I.A.T.

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28. From 1969 to 2016, the Ferrari brand belonged to the Fiat concern.

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Fiat questions and answers

What does the name Fiat mean?

It is an abbreviation: Fabbrica Italiana Automobili Torino, which in Polish means: Italian Car Factory in Turin.

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Is it possible to buy the last Fiat 126p model?

It is not possible. The last model is on display at the Fiat Museum in Turin.

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What does the name FCA mean?

It is the Fiat Chrysler Automobiles concern created in 2014 after the merger of Fiat with the American concern Chrysler.

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