Coca Cola is a world-famous carbonated drink brand owned by The Coca-Cola Company.

It was established on May 8, 1886 in Atlanta (United States).

Coca Cola interesting facts

1. Initially, Coca Cola was sold in pharmacies as a calming drink.

2. The recipe for making Coca Cola is one of the world’s most kept secrets.

3. This was not the first coca leaf drink. In 1863, Pemberton’s French Wine Coca was founded. The fact that Coca Cola has become known all over the world is due to brilliant marketing moves.

4. Every day around the world 1.7 billion servings of Coca Cola are consumed (1 serving is considered a 0.33 l can).

5. In the United States, Canada and the United Kingdom, this drink is commonly known as Coke.

6. Coca Cola produces over 3,500 different drinks worldwide.

7. The value of the Coca Cola brand is estimated at over $ 74 billion. By comparison, Pepsi, Starbucks, Red Bull, and Budweiser together are worth around $ 50 billion.

8. There are nearly 3 million Coca Cola vending machines in the world.

9. It is estimated that around 95% of people in the world know the Coca Cola logo.

10. Annually, Coca Cola spends about $ 3 billion on advertising.

11. In the United States alone, an adult consumes an average of 5 kg of sugar found in Coca Cola per year. Converting to all citizens of this country gives an amazing result of 1.7 million tons of sugar.

12. Mexico is the place where you drink the most Coca Cola. On average, 2 cans a day.

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Coca Cola questions and answers

Who and when developed the Coca Cola recipe?

The Coca Cola recipe was developed in 1886 by a pharmacist from Atlanta – J.S. Pemberton.

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Where did the name Coca Cola come from?

The name refers to two main ingredients: coca leaves and cola nuts.

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Is Coca Cola or Pepsi better?

A matter of taste. Some prefer Coca Cola, others Pepsi.

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