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Shark information

The shark is a predatory fish belonging to the chondrichthyer family.

Sharks can be found mainly in tropical and subtropical seas

The scientific name is: Selachimorpha.

Shark facts

Shark facts

1. 489 species of sharks are known.

2. Shark fisheries are organized to obtain meat, skins and fish oil.

3. The remains of the shark were found in the rock layer originating from Devonian.

Author: Marta

4. Arctic shark lives in the arctic waters.

5. The white shark is called the man-made shark.

Author: Asia

6. In the United States, wild dogs kill more people than sharks in 100 years.

7. The shark can sense one drop of blood in 115 l of water.

8. The man-eater shark is the only shark that, when hunting for the victim, puts his head above the surface of the water.

Author: Asia

9. People started to consider sharks as the most dangerous animals for a man after a series of films “Jaws”.

10. Shark attacks on humans happen sporadically. All dangerous species were recorded by scuba divers in open waters, without a protective cage, and sharks did not react aggressively to humans.

11. There are 10 known species of sharks that have attacked humans at least 10 times.

12. There are attempts to attack sharks on surfers. Most likely they confuse them with seals.

13. The most shark attacks on humans were recorded in the US, and the most fatal ones in Australia.

14. From 1958 to 2016, there were 2,7885 shark attacks on humans. 439 people did not survive.

15. Sharks killed 27 people in Europe. The last lethal attack took place in 1989.

Author: Mikej

16. Going into the sea where sharks live, the chance that you will be attacked is 1 to 11.5 million, and that you will be killed 1 to 1.2 billion.

Author: Mikej

17. A shark was found in a Florida golf course flooded after a hurricane.

18. the shark must be in constant motion. If he stopped, he would go down.

19. The shark during the attack, rotates the eyeballs, so that the front part of them is hidden. This is to protect the eyes from the tossing victim.

20. The US navy uses underwater drones that look like sharks.

21. The first sharks appeared on Earth 420 million years ago, before the first tree grew.

22. Hammer shark has a 360 degree field of view.

Author: Dennis

23. Sharks more like men đŸ™‚ They attack 9 times more often than women.

Author: Alicja

24. The shark repellent is the smell of decaying shark meat.

25. The whole shark is mainly made of cartilage.

26. The skeleton is only found in the teeth of the shark and the dorsal fin.

27. Megalodon is a prehistoric species of shark, the largest known predatory fish. He lived 15,9-2.6 million years ago. It is estimated that he could be 25 meters long.

Author: Ornelia

28. The largest of the currently living fish in the world is the whale shark, 12.65 m long and weighing 13.6 tons.

29. Whale shark feeds on plankton.

30. The polar shark can live up to 400 years. He is considered to be the longest living vertebrate in the world

31. The polar shark can go down to a depth of 2200 meters.

Author: Ciekawy

Shark questions

How much does a shark live?
In the wild, a shark lives an average of 20-30 years.

Answer: Marta

What is the speed of the shark?
An adult shark can reach speeds of up to 50 km / h.

Answer: Marta

What size are sharks?
The smallest sharks are 15 cm long and the largest are 10 meters long.

Answer: Marta

How much does a shark weigh?
Shark weight can reach up to 12 tons.

Answer: Marta

What are the most dangerous species of sharks?
The most dangerous species are: white shark, tiger shark and bladber shark. As the only ones killed over 10 people.

Answer: Marta

What do sharks eat?
Sharks feed on large fish, seals, dolphins, sea turtles.

Answer: Marta

Does the man-eating shark eat people?
Sharks usually do not eat people. Despite many attacks, there are not many fatalities. The shark bites a man, mainly defending his territory and drifting away. He does not like human meat.

Answer: Marta

What to do when you see a shark?
it’s best to move away calmly or not move. The shark should ignore man. Sharks attack people when they are provoked in some way.

Answer: Marta

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