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1. The scientific name is: Sequoia.

2. Sequoia is a huge tree belonging to the cypress family.

3. Sequoias are the tallest trees in the world.

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4. Only one species survived to the present day: the evergreen sequoia.

5. Once, the sequoia also included the giant mammoth species called the giant sequoia. Currently, a separate type has been created for him: a mammoth.

6. The only place where the redwoods grow naturally is California and Oregon in the United States.

7. The highest redwood – Hyperion, is 115 meters high, and the thickness of the stem is almost 5 meters.

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8. The sequoias are famous for their longevity. They can survive up to 2000 years.

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9. Sequoias are always green.

10. The Sequoia National Park in California has remains of redwood trunks growing in the 19th century. The largest one has a diameter of 12 meters and it is estimated that he could have 135 meters in height.

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11. Redwood has wood resistant to decay.

12. Sequoias are one of the oldest living creatures on Earth.

13. Young redwoods grow very quickly (20 meters in 20 years).

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How much does redwood live?

The age of the oldest redwood is estimated at 2,200 years.

Answer: Marta