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1. The scientific name is brassica napus.

2. Rapeseed is a plant from the Brassica family.

Author: AC

3. It is a cultivated plant only.

4. About 45% fat in rapeseeds.

5. Rapeseed flowers have 4 petals.

Author: Marta

6. Rapeseed oil is made from canola rape.

Author: V

7. In Poland, the rape fields cover an area of over 900,000 hectares.

8. Rape is contributing to the deaths of hundreds of wild animals every year. It is tasty but very unhealthy. It destroys the liver, lungs and nervous system.

9. The latest research shows that the consumption of rapeseed oil has a negative impact on the human brain.

10. People who often use rapeseed oil may have problems with short-term memory.

Author: Beny

11. In Poland, oilseed rape is sown in August.

12. Most rapeseed is grown in Canada and China.

Author: Reno


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Why is rape harmful to wild animals?

One of the reasons is fertilization with nitrogen fertilizer.

Answer: Beny

Why do you grow so much oilseed rape?

Rape is used to make biofuel.

Answer: Marta

Where is rape grown?

Rapeseed is mainly grown in Europe, Asia, North America and Australia.

Answer: Marta

Up to what height can rape grow?

Mature rapeseed is 1-1.5 meters high.

Answer: Marta