The Philadelphia Experiment was a secret scientific project allegedly carried out by the US Navy on October 28, 1943 on the USS Eldridge.

Philadelphia Experiment interesting facts

1. The writer and astronomer Morris K. Jessupaw was the first to talk about the events on the USS Eldridge. In 1955, he received a description of the Philadelphia experiment in anonymous letters.

2. The Philadelphia Experiment is also known as the Rainbow Project.

3. The preparation of the experiment was supervised by outstanding physicists: Albert Einstein, John von Neumann and Nikola Tesla.

4. According to witnesses, the hull of the ship was surrounded by a green and blue glow. After a while, he suddenly disappeared. He made a brief appearance at the Norfolk Naval Shipyard, Virginia, then back to Philadelphia.

5. The events on the ship had a very negative impact on the health of the crew. Some people went mad, others fell ill with a mysterious disease. Not everyone managed to survive.

6. There are rumors that some of the people involved in the experiment were found “connected to the ship”, for example, on one side of a metal wall, there was a hand, and on the other side was the rest of the body, still alive.

7. Three science-fiction films about the experiment were made (“Philadelphia Experiment” – 1984, “Philadelphia Experiment II” – 1993, “Philadelphia Experiment” – 2012).

8. The USS Eldridge was shipped to Greece in 1951. In the 90s it was sold for scrap.

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Why was this experiment called Philadelphia?

Because the ship on which the experiment was carried out was stationed at the US Naval Force Base in Philadelphia.

Answer: Mati

What was the Philadelphia Experiment really all about?

What was the truth, we will probably never know. It is supposed that the experiment was to prove the existence and investigate the properties of the unipolar magnetic field.

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Does the US government admit to this experiment?

The US government admits that there was research done, but it had little to do with all the conspiracy theories circulating. Among others, is it possible to use a magnetic field to create a torpedo shield around the ship.

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How many people died during the experiment?

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