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Penguin information

They are birds that can not fly. Penguins live on ice floes.

They live mainly in Antarctica and the coasts of South America.

There are 17 species of penguins.

Most penguin species are found near New Zealand.

On January 20, the World Penguin Knowledge Day is celebrated.

Penguin facts
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Penguin facts

1. Penguins have 3 toes.

2. the imperial penguin’s body resembles a torpedo.

3. For some penguins, the male broods for two months.

4. Small penguins after hatching are gray and covered with down.

5. Emperor penguin can swim at speeds up to 60km / h.

Author: Paulina

6. The Imperial penguin can not spend more than 15 minutes under water.

7. For penguins, food can only be salty or sour.

8. Penguins are the only birds that have a naturally upright posture.

Author: Paulina

9. Penguins have tickles, to which they react similarly to laughter.

10. There have been cases when the penguin leaves the herd and moves away from the ocean committing suicide. It is not known what is the reason for this behavior.

11. The Emperor penguin can dive to a depth of over half a kilometer.

Author: Kasia

12. The oldest penguin in the world, a Japanese zoo, died at the age of 39 and 9 months.

13. A 40-year-old penguin would have been about 150 years old.

14. The penguin fossil that lived more than 60 million years ago was found.

Author: X

15. Penguins have an overgrowth gland that filters salt water from the blood.

Author: Dosia

16. Penguins often return to the nests in which they turned out.

Author: Dosia

17. In some species of penguins the male broods eggs, and the female goes hunting.

18. Antonio Pigafetty was the first to describe penguins. He noticed them in 1520 near Punta Tombo in Argentina. He called them “weird geese”.

19. Penguin penguins live in forests and caves in New Zealand.

Author: Kapsel

20. Two homosexual penguins live in the Norwegian zoo – Pondus and Herman Pile.

Author: KoniecŚwiata

21. Most penguins have soft spikes on the tongue that make it easier to keep the fish caught.

22. Penguins are not sexually dimorphic. Males and females look similar.

23. An adult penguin can catch up to 30 fish during one dive.

24. Penguins lose their feathers once a year. The process of regrowing new takes several weeks. During this time, they can not enter the water.

Author: Abc

25. Royal penguin colonies consist of up to 10,000 individuals.

26. The correct penguin body temperature is 38 degrees Celsius.

27. Penguins on shore are short-sighted. They can see much better under water.

Author: Adela

28. The male imperial penguin during the hatching period does not eat for more than 115 days.

29. Penguins have the most feathers among all birds. About 12 feathers per cm2.

30. Penguins spend three-quarters of their life in the water.

31. Gentoo penguin can swim at a speed of 36 km / h.

Author: Reksio

Penguin questions

How do penguins endure cold?
When it is cold, snowing or there are snow blizzards, they are crowded tightly together side by side, turned back to the wind. They can stand for hours without eating anything. Sometimes those who stand in the middle go outside.

Answer: Paulina

Why do Adel's penguins steal stones from their nests?
Adel penguins steal stones from each other’s nest to get the female’s heart. Birds build nests with stones that will protect eggs in the future. Males that build better nests have a better chance of finding a partner. This fact causes the males to steal stones to build their nests.

Answer: Paulina

What do penguins eat?
Penguins feed on animal food that they gain in the sea, that is, eat fish, cephalopods crustaceans.

Answer: Paulina

How much does a penguin weigh?
The small penguin weighs 1.5 kg on average and the imperial pound weighs 23 kg. The largest individuals can weigh up to 40 kg.

Answer: Heron

How long does a penguin live?
The Emperor penguin lives on average about 20 years. The oldest penguin lived to be almost 40 years old.

Answer: Heron

Does the penguin have knees?
Looking at a penguin, you get the impression that he has very short legs. This is not true. Most of the legs consisting of the short femur, knee, tibia and fibula are hidden under the feathers.

Answer: MR

Why do penguins eat stones?
These stones help to grind food eaten, and due to the increase in weight, dive deeper.

Answer: Abc

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