Pear facts


1. Pears are fruits growing on a pear tree, a small tree from the rose family.

2. Over 3000 varieties of pears are grown in the world.

3. The scientific name is Pyrus.

Author: AC

4. In the south-eastern part of Asia there are 2 species of pear, which are evergreen (coniferous).

Author: Ada

5. 85% of the pear is water.

6. The pear has an elongated shape, tapering at the tail.

Author: Marta

7. Pear fruit pulp contains grains (stone cells).

8. Pear is a good source of dietary fiber.

Author: Kasia


Pear questions

How many calories does a pear have?

The 100 grams of pear is 58 kcal.

Answer: Marta

What size is the pear?

The largest variety of pears is up to 18 cm long and 8 cm in diameter.

Answer: Marta

What vitamins does a pear have?

The pear contains the following vitamins: B1 (0.012 mg), B2 (0.026 mg), B3 (0.161 mg), B5 (0.049 mg), B6 ​​(0.029 mg), B9 (7 μg), Choline (5.1 mg) , C (4.3 mg), E (0.12 mg), K (4.4 mg).

Answer: Marta

What minerals does the pear have?

The pear contains the following minerals: Calcium (9 mg), Iron (0.18 mg), Magnesium (7 mg), Manganese (0.048 mg), Phosphorus (12 mg), Potassium (116 mg), Sodium (1 mg) , Zinc (0.1 mg).

Answer: Marta