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Nose information

The nose is a convex facial part that has the function of insulated and moisturizing the inhaled air.

In most mammals, it is located in the central part of the face or on the tip of the muzzle.

The scientific name is: Nasus.

Nose facts

Nose facts

1. For the first 6 weeks of life, the newborn breathes only through the nose.

2. Removing hair from the nose can lead to infection of the body, meningitis.

Autor: Marta

3. Men usually have bigger noses than women.

4. Thanks to habituation, we quickly get accustomed to various stimuli. This is manifested in the fact that, for example, prank with perfumes, after a few seconds, we stop feeling them.

Autor: Lidka

5. Mohammed Khurshid Hussain from India set the world record in writing on the keyboard with the following sentence: “World Guinness World Records have set the challenge for me to write this sentence with my nose in the shortest possible time.” It took him 53.44 seconds.

Autor: Guiness

6. To be able to write on the keyboard with your nose you need to have one eye closed.

7. Mehmet Ozyurek from Turkey (8.8 cm) has the longest nose.

Autor: Guiness

8. The fish have a weak sense of smell.

9. The fish nose does not have the olfactory function alone. It is not connected to the oral cavity.

10. The nose is susceptible to frostbite.

Autor: Tomek

11. Many people do not know why they have a habit of picking their nose.

Autor: Kulfon

12. There is the possibility of surgically reducing the nose, but it is an expensive procedure.

13. In New Zealand, touching noses is a traditional greeting from the time of the Maori people.

14. The nose with a high bridge in many cultures of Asian countries was considered the ideal of beauty.

Autor: Lena21

15. The olfactory organ is able to recognize thousands of different substances. About 75% decide about the perceived taste.

Autor: Maks

Nose questions

Why do not we see our nose?
This is because the human brain quickly gets accustomed to constant stimuli. It is known that all the time is in the same place, so the brain “does not pay attention to him”. Just a change, changing the shape of the nose, e.g. a pimple, and for some time before the brain gets used, we will see our nose.

Answer: Tomek

Why do we need our nose when we can breathe our mouths?
The air inhaled through the nose is warmed and moisturized. In addition, young mammals must have an alternative inhalation route when feeding to not suffocate. Anyone who has a cold and a stuffy nose knows how much discomfort it is.

Answer: Tomek

Why are hair in the nose?
Nose hair acts as a filter.

Answer: Marta

What does it mean: nose holes?
It means having something or someone enough, getting bored, getting impatient.

Answer: Marta

What does it mean: have flies in the nose?
It means being in a bad mood, getting angry all over the world, being sulky for no apparent reason.

Answer: Marta

What does it mean to have someone in the nose?
It means disregarding someone, not caring about that person.

Answer: Marta

How do we smell?
Chemical substances contained in the inhaled air dissolved in the mucus stimulate receptors that send an impulse to the brain through the olfactory nerve.

Answer: Marta

What does the eagle's nose look like?
It is a large, hooked nose.

Answer: Marta

Why does the dog have a wet nose?
Thanks to the wet nose, dogs are better able to determine the direction of the odors.

Answer: Marta

Why are we sneezing?
It is the body’s defensive reaction to the irritating mucous membrane of foreign particles.

Answer: Marta

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