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Minecraft information

Minecraft is a computer game in which players can build objects in a designated area.

Game developers are Markus Persson (nickname Notch).

The premiere of the PC game took place on November 18, 2011.

Minecraft facts

Minecraft facts

1. The hardest monster in Maincrafta is the Borderland Dragon.

2. In Minscraft, the day lasts 20 minutes.

3. In the inventory, you can collect 27 items, up to a maximum of 64 items. There are 9 slots in the quick access bar.

4. In Minecraft you can play on PC and MAC, console and on mobile devices.

5. You can start the game in the desert, savanna, extreme hills, in the forest, in the forest, in the jungle, in the swamps, on the plains, on the tundra, on the taiga.

Author: Piotr.N

6. The maximum number of player’s life points is 20. Most hunger points are renewed baked steak and pork loin.

7. The best armor in the game is diamond armor. You need 24 diamonds to do it.

8. The rarest armor is armor mail. It can be obtained through trade with villagers.

9. The fans decided to add the game to the game.

10. The only chest that can be moved is a shulker chest.

11. The rarest and the best fruit in the game is the golden apple (Coke).

12. Aggressive cherry trees can not pass through an open door.

Author: Piotr.N

13. Over 140 million copies of the game have been sold.

14. In terms of the amount of sales, only the legendary “Tetris” game (170 million) is better than Minecraft.

15. In December 2017, a record number of people was playing in Minecraft – 74 million.

Author: Michał30

16. Minecraft was bought by Microsoft on September 15, 2014 for a record $ 2.5 billion.

17. Many very famous YouTubers began their online career with Minecraft recording.

18. The creator of the game Minecraft – Markus “Nortch” Persson bought for 70 million dollars, the most expensive villa in Beverly Hills.

Author: WBC

19. The world of Minecraft is so huge that the daredevil who undertook attempts to reach the end of the map, in just 4 years passed only less than 17% of the way.

20. The surface available for the game is 7 times larger than the Earth’s surface.

Author: Tomasz

21. In 2014, the Danish Minister for the Environment commissioned Danish players to reproduce the areas of Denmark on a 1: 1 scale. Interestingly, not long after the creation of this great work, several areas of “Denmark” were destroyed by the invasion of US players.

22. On 23 May 2016, in a lot of countries around the world, also in Poland, the game went up by as much as 25%. This is an unprecedented situation. Mostly the older game, the price decreases.

Author: Playyy

23. The owners of the game said that there will never be vertical half-blocks in Minecraft.

Author: Lolek

24. There are 41 mobs in minecraft.

Author: T-T Fano

25. Apparently, in 2019, there will be a full-length feature film about Minecraft in cinemas.

Author: MayyqPL

Minecraft questions

How to make a rainbow sheep?
You must use “nametaga” and enter “_jeb”.

Answer: Piotr.N

How do you check the coordinates?
On the PC, you must click the F3 key, and you must use the map on the console by pressing the LT button.

Answer: Piotr.N

What game modes are in Minecraft?
There are 4 game modes: survival (fight with mobs and gathering resources), creative (immortality and infinite number of blocks), hardcore (you have one life) and peace (no mobs).

Answer: Piotr.N

Where can you find emeralds?
Emeralds are the easiest to find on Extreme Hills.

Answer: Piotr.N

Who are the settlers and what do they do?
Settlers are residents of the village. They trade. They perform competitions: farmer, librarian, butcher, blacksmith and priest.

Answer: Piotr.N

How do you avoid Enderman's attack and where can you meet him?
Do not look into his eyes or have pumpkins on his head. Occurs in the primary world, in the end and in hell.

Answer: Piotr.N

What can kill us in Minecraft?
It can kill us: hunger, TNT explosion, arrow shooting, fall from a height, falling into a vacuum, drowning, cactus spikeing, falling into lava, asphyxiation, attack of a monster or player and arson by fire.

Answer: Piotr.N

Do people play this game yet?
The game is still very popular. In December 2017, there was even a record of the number of active players (74 million people).

Answer: Michał30

How much does the Minecraft game cost?
The cheapest version is X360 (about 20 $), on PC – prices start from 40 $ (data from February 2018).

Answer: Michał30

Which hardware requirements does this game have?
Recommended requirements are: Pentium 4 2.6 GHz, 4 GB RAM, graphics card 128 MB (GeForce 6600 or better), 150 MB HDD, Windows XP / Vista / 7/8.

Answer: Michał30

From what age can you play this game?
Everyone can play this game, there are no age requirements.

Answer: Michał30

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