Mercury is the first planet from the Sun.

It is one of the four rocky planets of the solar system.

Since 2006, since Pluto ceased to be considered a planet, mercury has become the smallest planet in the solar system.

Mercury interesting facts

1. Mercury practically has no atmosphere. Because of that, there are many craters on its surface. It looks like the moon.

2. The surface temperature varies from -183 ° C to 427 ° C.

3. Mercury has no moons.

4. The ancient Greeks regarded Mercury as two separate planets. Before sunrise – they called the planet Apollo, and after sunset – Hermes.

5. Mercury is smaller than Earth. Its mass is 0.06 mass of our planet.

6. In Japanese, the day of the week “Wednesday” means the name of the planet Mercury.

7. Mercury’s diameter in the last 3.8 billion years has decreased by 14 km.

8. You can view the surface of the planet Mercury using the Google map.

9. Frozen water was found in some permanently shady craters. It is not known where it came from.

10. In 2018, the BepiColombo probe was launched in the direction of Mercury. It has an ion engine that will allow it to slow down in the very high gravitational field of the Sun.

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Why is it very difficult to observe the planet Mercury?

Because it is an inner planet located for an observer from Earth, always close to the Sun. You can see it just before sunrise, or just after sunset.

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When was the planet Mercury discovered?

The first documented observations come from the first half of the first millennium BC.

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