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1. Lion is a carnivorous species of the mammal from the family of felids.

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2. The African lion belongs to the 5 most dangerous animals in Africa.

3. The largest known male weighed 375 kg, it was a lion named Simba, he lived until 1970 at the Colchester Zoo.

4. Lions have a specific division of duties: lionesses are engaged in hunting and looking after small ones, and lions deal with the acquisition and defense of the territory and the protection of the herd and the fertilization of females.

5. Big cats, which include the lion, come from one evolutionary line, called the Pantherinae.

6. Found fossil tracks suggest that representatives of cats similar to the modern lion appeared in Eastern Africa in the late Pliocene (5-1,8 million years ago).

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7. In spite of the popular term “king of the jungle”, the lion is an animal of open plains.

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8. Under favorable conditions, the roar of a lion can be heard from a distance of five kilometers.

9. The lion’s mane is considered to be a sign of male health, the more vividly, the stronger and more efficient the animal carries it. A lush mane does not occur in males before sexual maturity. In castrated mane does not grow, and if it was developed before castration, it can even disappear

10. The mane darkens with the age of the lion.

11. Each herd of lions has its own hierarchy, in which the weakest male has a rank higher than females.

12. Lions in the herd compete for the breeding, it is rare for one male to be in the herd for three years.

13. When the leader of the lion flock is overcome, the paddock of the herd is lost.

14. The highest survival rate of the young are obtained by flocks in which there are at least three cooperating lionesses

15. There are only 1 male in the herd.

16. The lioness together take care of all the young from the herd, while the male protecting the territory and the females only protects their young.

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17. Lions most often hunt at night.

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18. Lioness at one time gives birth to 1 to 6 young.

19. Newborn lions weigh 1-2kg.

20. Only one in five cubs reaches maturity. The young are threatened by predators and lions – when the leader of the herd is killed, the winner kills the small from the herd so that the females are ready to give birth to his cubs.

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How much does a lion weigh?

Female lion weigh 120-180 kg, while males weigh from 150-200 kg.

Answer: Paulina

How to distinguish a lion from a lioness?

It is easy to distinguish a lion from a lioness, because the lion has a mane, and the lionesses do not.

Answer: Paulina

Where are the lions?

Once lions lived in Asia, Africa and Europe. Currently, they live exclusively in Africa.

Answer: Paulina

What do lions eat?

Lions feed on large and small vertebrates – from young elephants to antelopes.

Answer: Kondzik

How many cm is the tail of a lion?

Lion’s tail can measure up to 100cm.

Answer: Kondzik

How tall is a lion?

Lions are up to 120 cm tall.

Answer: Kondzik

How long are the lions?

The length of the lion can reach 230cm without the length of the tail.

Answer: Kondzik

How long does a lion’s pregnancy last?

The lion’s pregnancy lasts 110-114 days.

Answer: tomyy