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1. The leopard is a mammal coming from the family of felids.

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2. The leopard is the fourth largest predatory cat in the world after lion, tiger and jaguar.

3. They occur mainly in Africa and Asia.

4. Leopards climb trees to rest or to target a hunting victim.

5. Black panther is a leopard with more melatonin.

6. Leopard and panther are names that describe the same cat.

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7. They can come down from the tree with their head down.

8. Young leopards are a delicacy of baboons.

9. Leopards can jump at a distance of 7m.

10. The Persian leopard is the largest leopard, measuring about 190cm.

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11. Black panthers have spots but little visible.

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12. In 1896 Carl Akeley killed a naked leopard who attacked him.

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13. The leopard is extremely strong and can carry much heavier lice than a tall tree, where no other predators will reach.

14. In Africa, the leopard is 10 times more than all lions, cheetahs and tigers (over half a million).

15. In Asia, leopards are threatened with extinction. Some species in the wild are less than 30.

16. Leopards hunt mainly at night.

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17. During one birth, 1 to 4 small leopards come to the world.

18. For the first three months, a small leopard is fed with mother’s milk, and becomes independent after about 2 years.

19. Males are bigger than females by about 20%.

20. The biggest enemies are lions and hyenas.

21. Leopards lead the most lonely way of life among all wild cats.

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22. The male is said to be a leopard, and to a female leopard.

23. Rabbits and gazelles are the favorite food.

24. Leopards mark the area with urine and claw marks on the trees.

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25. The male leaves the female after fertilization. He does not maintain any contact.

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26. Lions hunt leopards not for meat, just for fun. They treat it as a challenge – catch such a fast and agile animal.

27. The biggest threat to the young leopards are snakes.

28. Depending on the region in which they occur, the leopard spots are round or square shaped.

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How much does a leopard measure?

The length of the leopard’s body is 100-150 cm.

Answer: Paulina

How much does a leopard weigh?

The body weight of leopards ranges from 60-90 kg

Answer: Paulina

How long does the pregnancy leopard last?

The leopard’s pregnancy lasts 12 weeks.

Answer: Paulina

How many leopards live?

Leopards live about 20 years.

Answer: Paulina

When does a young leopard open his eyes and start walking?

The young leopard opens his eyes 8-10 days after birth and starts walking about 20 days.

Answer: Madam

How fast are the leopards?

Leopards can run at speeds over 55 km / h.

Answer: Madam

Where do the leopards live?

Leopards can be found in Africa and Asia.

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What is the difference between a leopard and a jaguar?

Jaguars are larger and have wider, more round heads. The leopard has larger eyes and ears.

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