<h2 style="text-align: center; color: white; font-size: 32px;">Koala facts</h2>


1. Koala is an arboreal herbivorous animal belonging to the coral species of marsupials.

2. The scientific name is Phascolarctos cinereus.

Author: AC

3. Koala next to kangaroo is the most popular animal in Australia.

4. It is an animal living mainly alone, when it happens to meet a larger group, then there is one male and several females.

5. Koala is often called the “koala bear”, although it is not related to the bear at all.

6. One child is born during one pregnancy.

7. The koala is pregnant every two years.

Author: Marta

8. Sexual maturity of koala males reaches 3 years and females reach 2 years.

9. The newborn koala weighs less than 1 gram. She grows up in her mother’s bag for half a year. For the first two years, until the next mating season, they are still with their mother.

10. Koalas are threatened with extinction. From 1927, they are completely protected.

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11. Koala per day can eat over 1 kg of eucalyptus leaves.

12. He devotes no more than 5 minutes to the effort every day. He can sleep even 20 hours.

13. It has a very slow metabolism. Digesting food takes a few days.

14. For such a large head has a very small brain.

Author: Ola

15. The biggest natural enemy of a koala is a wild dingo dog.

16. Koala’s paws have 5 fingers (2 thumbs).

17. Koala descends from the tree only to go to another tree.

18. Koala does not drink water practically. Watered by eating the leaves.

19. In the Aboriginal language the word “kullawine” (koala) means “without drinking”.

Author: Tomasz

20. Each male stands for his tree, rubbing his breast with scented glands.

21. Latin name – Phascolarctos Cinereus means in exact translation – Bear Marsupial.

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<h2 style="text-align: center; color: white; font-size: 32px;">Koala questions</h2>

How old is the koala?

In the wild it can reach 15-18 years.

Answer: Marta

How much does a koala weigh?

The weight of the largest individuals can reach up to 15 kg.

Answer: Marta

What is koala?

Koala is a herbivorous animal. It feeds mainly on eucalyptus leaves.

Answer: Marta

Where are the koalas?

Koalas in the wild can be found in the east of Australia.

Answer: Marta

What size is the koala?

The body length of an adult koala is about 80 cm.

Answer: Marta

How long does the koala pregnancy last?

Koala pregnancy lasts a little over a month, from 30 to 36 days.

Answer: Marta

What is the main reason for the drop in koala populations?

The main reason is the drought in Australia.

Answer: Marta