The first name was as follows: WKS (Military Sports Club) 42 Pułk Piechoty Białystok.

This club was founded on May 30, 1920.

Jagiellonia Białystok interesting facts

1. Club colors: yellow and red.

2. Maskotką Jagielloni jest pszczoła.

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3. The matches with Korona Kielce are yellow and red derbies.

4. Jagiellon is called Jaga.

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5. The first league debut took place on August 9, 1987 (a 1-1 draw with Widzew Łódź).

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6. The highest place in the league was 2nd in the 2016/17 season.

7. In 1993, Jagiellonia had its highest defeat in the 1st league. She lost to GKS Katowice 7: 1.

8. The highest league win took place on September 15, 2013. Jagiellonia defeated Ruch Chorzów 6: 0.

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9. Jagiellonia Białystok won the Polish Cup in 2010, defeating Pogoń Szczecin 1-0.

10. In the 2014/15 season, the coach, Michał Prociąg, was selected as the best coach of the year, Bartłomiej Drągowski – the discovery of the season and the best goalkeeper, and Michał Pazdan – the best defender of the season.

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11. Jagiellonian footballers play their matches at the Municipal Stadium at 1 Słoneczna Street. The stadium can accommodate 22,386 people.

12. On May 21, 2017, 22 394 people came to the match against Legia Warsaw.

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13. Most of the match was Jagiellonian, 35,000 people came to the old stadium to watch the match against Widzew Łódź.

14. Przemysław Mystkowski made his debut on May 31, 2014 in a match against Cracovia at the age of 16 and 36 days.

15. The main sponsor is STS.

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16. In the 2016/2017 season, the club earned PLN 13,321,011 (1 PLN = 0.26 USD) on television rights.

17. In 2018, Jagiellonia Białystok has a budget of approximately PLN 52,374,000 (1 PLN = 0.26 USD).

18. On average, around 10,000 people attend a match.

19. In the spring round of the 2017/18 season, 11 foreigners play in the club.

20. The average age of footballers in the 2017/18 spring round is 26.4 years.

21. The most expensive transfer in history: goalkeeper Bartłomiej Drągowski sold in the 2016/17 season to AC Fiorentina for 2,500,000 euro.

22. The youngest footballer in the 2017/18 season is 16-year-old Mikołaj Nawrocki (born on October 2, 2001).

23. The oldest footballer in the 2017/18 season is 38-year-old Marian Kelemen (born on December 7, 1979).

24. The most expensive player in the 2017/18 season is Przemysław Frankowski – market value of EUR 1,250,000.

25. The tallest player in the 2017/18 season is defender Marek Wasiluk – 198 cm tall.

26. The lowest player in the 2017/18 season is midfielder Rafał Grzyb – 175 cm tall.

27. In the UEFA club ranking, the club is in 228 place (data from May 1, 2018).

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28. Jagiellonia Białystok is ranked 22nd in the ranking of the best Polish teams of all time (data from March 2018).

29. In 480 matches, she scored 582 points (166 wins, 126 draws and 188 losses) (data from March 2018).

30. Jagiellonia Białystok scored 553 goals and conceded 663 (data from March 2018).

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31. The first match between Jagiellonia and Legia, Jagiellonia won 2-0.

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Jagiellonia Białystok questions and answers

What clubs does Jagiellonia agree with?

Jagiellonia Białystok does not agree with any club.

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With whom does Jagiellonia have a scythe?

Jagiellonia has a scythe with the following clubs: Arka Gdynia, Lechia Gdańsk, Legia Warszawa, Cracovia, Stomil Olsztyn, Korona Kielce, Wisła Kraków, Śląsk Wrocław, Wigry Suwałki, ŁKS Łomża.

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How much are the tickets for the Jagiellonian match?

Ticket prices for the spring round of the 2017/18 season are as follows: normal tickets from 30 to 40 PLN, reduced tickets from 20 to 30 PLN, children’s tickets 5 PLN, VIP tickets from 50 to 100 PLN, tickets for people with disabilities – 15 PLN.

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How much is the ticket for Jagielloni matches?

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Who scored the first goal for Jagiellonia in the league?

Jarosław Michalewicz.

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