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Last update : 19 February 2019

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Capital : Rome
Language :  Italian
Currency :  Euro
Population : 60 665 551
Area : 301 336 km2

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Italy facts

1. The reunification of Italy took place on March 17, 1861.
2. The population density is 199 people / km².
3. This country is not much smaller than Poland.
4. The main religion is Catholicism, 87%.
5. The largest river is the Pad with a length of 652 km.
6. Full name of the country – Italian Republic.
7. Political system – a parliamentary republic.
8. 112 000 Poles live in this country.
9. The highest peak is Monte Bianco di Courmayeur, 4748 m above sea level.
10. Italians produce the largest number of wines in the world.

11. For Italians, the unlucky number is 17.

12. In 1860 a pizza was invented in Naples.

13. Almost 20% of Italian citizens are more than 65 years old.

14. It is normal to live with parents up to the age of 40.

15. In August there are holidays all over the country. Even large companies are closed.

16. According to the Italian superstition, bad luck brings an umbrella in the building. In contrast, accidental spills of wine bring happiness.

17. In the Italian language there are no letters: K, Y, W, X and J.

18. In Italy, a thermometer, piano, barometer, batteries, nitroglycerin, ice cream, glasses, coffee machine, telephone were invented,

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19. Italy is the fourth most-visited country by tourists in the world.

20. About 80% of all enterprises in Sicily, Calabria and Campania pay “taxes” to local mafias.

21. There are no kindergartens in Italy.

22. Russo is the most popular surname in Italy.

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23. It is not advisable to drink tap water.

24. The most offensive gesture is to show the pointing finger and the little finger at the same time. This symbolizes the wife’s seasoning of “horns” (betrayal).

25. According to the old superstition, if there are three smokers, the youngest of them will bring bad luck to the rest.

26. Italy and Poland are the most religious countries in Europe.

27. The average life expectancy in Italy is one of the highest in the world.

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28. In the 1960s, Italian language was used only in literature. All regions had their own speech. Italian has become widely used thanks to television.

29. All Italian words end in a vowel.

30. The main drinks are wine and water.

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31. The University of Rome is one of the oldest in the world. It was founded by the Catholic church in 1303. It is also the largest in Europe, attended by 150,000 students.

32. Gesticulation is an inseparable element of all conversations.

33. 60% of the world’s cultural heritage is located in Italy.

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34. Every village and city has its own patron.

35. 95% of the population is Italian.

36. You can not stay at night on the beach. There is a fine of up to 1,000 euros.

37. You can not take sea water out of the beach area.

38. The university exam is written at any time when you are ready.

39. The first violin appeared in Italy in 1500, probably from the workshop of Andrea Amati.

40. Men in the south kiss to greet and say goodbye …

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41. Position in the best world army list:
      – 2015 year – 12 place,
      – 2018 year – 11 place.

42. Number of soldiers:
      – 2014 year – 320,000 professional and 40,000 reservists, < br>       – 2018 year – 247,500 professional and 20,000 reservists.

43. Number of equipment:
      – 2014 year – 400 tanks, 9500 armored vehicles, 790 jet aircraft and 430 helicopters,
      – 2018 year – 200 tanks, 10685 armored vehicles, 826 jet aircraft and 425 helicopters.

44. Expenses for the army:
      – 2014 year – $34,000,000,000 ,
      – 2018 year – $37,700,000,000 .

45. Maritime fleet …
      – in 2014 the year was about 65 ships, in 2018 of the year it’s about 74 ships.

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46. The permissible blood alcohol content in a person driving a car is 0.5 promille.

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47. Rome was the first city in history that had more than a million inhabitants. This number was exceeded in 133 BC.

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48. The Italian hymn mentions Poland.

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49. In this country, there are 13,000 women over 100 years old.

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50. In 1769, 90 tons of gunpowder was stored in the city of Brescia, which broke out after a lightning strike, destroying a large part of the city and killing over 3,000 people.

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51. There is no sunlight in the village of Viganella, which is located in the valley for 83 days a year. In 2007, to partially solve this problem, a special mirror was mounted on a nearby mountain that reflects the sun’s rays.

52. From 1523 to 1978, all the popes were Italians.

53. In Modena province there are as many as five supercars’ factories: Ferrari, Maserati, De Tomaso, Pagani and Lamborghini.

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54. There are over 6.4 thousand km of motorways in Italy.

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55. On March 2, 1944, in a tunnel near Balvano station, a train stopped, which could not overcome a high rise. Carbon monoxide emitted from the locomotive led to over 426 people.

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56. There are more Italians in New York than in Rome.

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57. Tourists visiting Rome annually throw over a million euros to the Di Trevi fountain.

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58. In the third century AD in the Roman Empire there were 372 bite roads with a total length of over 78,000 km.

59. In Fontanellato, there is the world’s largest labyrinth with an area of ​​7 hectares.

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60. Venice is a city located on 118 islands, which additionally cuts through 150 canals. There are over 400 bridges.

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61. Italy, which is famous for producing the best shoes in the world, is a shoe-shaped country.

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62. In Italy, there is no minimum wage set by the government.

63. In 2018, the average monthly salary in this country is € 2,430.

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64. The amount of income tax in Italy is 27.5%.

65. Women can retire at the age of 64, and men aged 66.

66. The average amount of the pension is EUR 910, and the lowest is EUR 500.

67. The unemployment rate in 2018 is 10.9% .

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68. 39 Italians have accumulated assets greater than a billion US dollars.

69. The richest of them is Maria Franca Fissolo with assets worth over $23.4 billion.

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70. In Italy, an average person consumes about 6.7 liters of pure alcohol per year.

71. The most wine is drunk – 65%, then beer – 23%, and spirit – 12%.

72. The national alcohol is Grappa, wine and Limoncello.

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73. In this country, compulsory education lasts 10 years.

74. The beginning of education begins at the age of 6.

75. The average IQ level is 102.

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76. In this country there are 0.8% of people above 15 years of age who can not read or write (approximately 485 800 people).

77. In Italy, according to statistics, an average of one person reads 48 minutes a day.

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78. The national animal is an Apenian wolf.

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79. The change from daylight saving time to winter time (turning clockwise back one hour) is the last Sunday in October.

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80. The national tree is an olive tree and an oak tree.

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81. In Italy there are the most UNESCO World Heritage sites (over 45).

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82. A part of the country (Monfalcone and Trieste municipalities) is located on the Balkan Peninsula.

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83. In this country, more than 51 269 000 motor vehicles are registered (844 vehicles per 1 000 inhabitants).

84. Built-up area allowed speed depending on the area varies from 50 to 70 km / h.

85. In addition to built-up areas, the permitted speed on the regular road is 90 km / h, and on highways from 110 to 130 km / h.

86. During rain or snow, the maximum permitted speed outside built-up areas is 20 km / h lower than indicated by signs,

87. 25% of fatal accidents caused people who were under the influence of alcohol.

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88. In 2013, 3,385 people lost their lives as a result of traffic accidents.

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89. In 1916, an avalanche came down from the Alps. which killed over 10,000 people.

90. On December 28, 1908, there was an earthquake in Messina. which caused powerful tsunami waves. who killed 123,000 people.

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91. On the night of 18 July 1964, Rome was on fire. The great fire could be extinguished only after 6 days. A significant part of the city has been completely destroyed.

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92. In this country there are over 487,700 km of paved roads including over 6,758 km of expressways (0.76% of all roads in the world).

93. In this country there are 129 airports, 98 with paved surface.

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94. In this country there are over 20 255 km of railway tracks.

95. In seven Italian cities there are metro lines (Brescia, Catania, Genoa, Milan, Naples, Rome and Turin).

96. The largest airport in Italy is in Lazio. Over 38 million people use it annually.

97. In Milan there is a 101 km underground line (113 stations). It was opened in 1964. Approximately 460 million people use it annually.

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98. In this country over 37 668 000 (2015) 54 798 299 (2018) people have access to internet (about 90% of the population).

99. Around 28,000,000 (2015) 30,000,000 (2018) accounts on Facebook.

100. The average internet connection speed is 6.5 Mb / s, and the maximum speed is 30.1 Mb / s (data from the end of 2015).

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101. The country’s top-level domain is .it . There are over 2,470,030 websites with such an extension.

102. The most popular pages with the extension .it are: google.it, libero.it and ebay.it.

103. The .it extension is often used for English-language websites because it means “it”.

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104. This country has 2018 over year $145 347 000 000 of foreign exchange reserves (1.15% of foreign exchange reserves of all countries of the world).

105. Italy has 2451800 kg of gold reserves (2018).

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106. Gross Domestic Product (GDP) …
      – in 2015 the year is $2 152 990 000 000 ,
      – in 2018 the year is $1,935,000,000,000 .

107. Internal debt at the beginning …
      – 2015 year was 132.3% GDP, or around: $2 848 405 770 000 ,
      – 2018 of the year was 132% GDP, or around: $2,544,200,000,000 . To pay it off, each citizen would have to give around $42,062.

108. Foreign debt at the beginning …
      – 2015 the year was around: $2,459,000,000,000 ,
      – 2018 of the year is around: $2,532,321,000,000 .

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109. 20% of adults living in this country are overweight.

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110. In this country, an average adult smokes 123 cigarettes a month.

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111. The lowest temperature: -49.6 °C was measured in Pale di San Martino.

112. The highest temperature: 47 °C was measured in Apulia.

113. On March 5, 2015, 256 cm of snow fell in the village of Capracotta within 24 hours.

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114. The most deadly disease in this country is heart failure.

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115. The average life expectancy in this country is 82.8 years (women – 85.2 years and men – 80.3 years).

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116. 20 Italian citizens received the Nobel Prize.

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117. In this country, men and women can get married at the age of 18.

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118. In this country, women having their first child on average 30.3 years old.

119. 10 women give birth to 14 children on average

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120. The average age people living in this country is 44.8 years old.

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121. The country is around:
8 331 000 people (13.73%) in the age range 0-14 years.
39 484 000 people (65.07%) in the age range 15-64 years.
12 864 100 people (21.2%) over 65 years old.

122. In this country, about 530,000 children are born each year (0.9% of the population), and about 618,000 people die (1.0% of the population).

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123. Italy is one of the 12 countries in the world that on April 4, 1949, after signing the North Atlantic Treaty, formed a political and military organization called NATO.

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124. In 2015, up to 25% of fatal accidents were caused by people driving under the influence of alcohol.

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125. In Italy, since 2003, personal identity cards have been used.

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126. Italy participates in the US nuclear weapons sharing program within NATO. They have 60-70 heads.

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127. The record heatwave that struck Europe in 2003, from July to September killed 18 257 people in this country.

128. The percentage share in the global economy of Italy in 2015 is 2.88% (for comparison, Poland’s share is 0.74%, and the United States – 23.32%).

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129. In Italy, there are currently over 41% of unemployed young people.

130. In ancient Rome the number 17 was considered unlucky. To this day, you can meet buildings in which there is no 17th floor or room number.

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131. In ancient Rome, gladiators’ sweat was sold as perfume.

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132. Left-hand traffic was in force until 1920.

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133. In this country, a person who is 14 years old is subject to criminal liability.

134. In Italy there are 13,9326 km2 of agricultural land (47% of the country).

135. 119 people in 1000 possess firearms.

136. Trepalle is the highest town in the country.

137. In this country, women have the right to vote since 1946.

138. In this country, the formalities associated with setting up a business last 13 days.

139. He joined the United Nations on December 14, 1955.

140. The work week is 40 hours.

141. 67% of the country’s population lives in urban areas.

142. 101918 sq km of land is covered by forests (34.6%)

143. The last death penalty was carried out in 1947.

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144. In this country, the amount of income tax for natural persons is 43%, and for companies 24% (2018).

145. The tax on goods and services is 22% (2018).

146. The level of inflation in 2018 is 1.5%.

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What is the highest peak in Italy?
The highest peak in Italy is Mont Blanc de Courmayeur (4748 m above sea level).

answer: Marta

What is the largest river in Italy?
The largest river in Italy is the Pad (652 km).

answer: Marta

What is the largest lake in Italy?
The largest lake is Garda (370 km2).

answer: Marta

What is the national dish?
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Which Italy has national colors?
National colors: green, white and red.

answer: Marta

What is national alcohol?
The national alcohol is Grappa, wine and Limoncello.

answer: Marta

What is the national animal?
The national animal is an Apenian wolf.

answer: Marta

What is the national sport?
National football is football.

answer: Marta

Which countries borders Italy?
Italy borders on such countries as: Austria 430 km, France 488 km, the Vatican 3.2 km, San Marino 39 km, Slovenia 199 km, Switzerland 740 km.

answer: Marta

What is the average age of people living in this country?
The average age people living in this country is 44.8 years old.

answer: Marta

What is the minimum wage?
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What is the population density in Italy?
The population density is 206 people per km2.

answer: Marta

What is the motto of this country?
Motto of the country – “Long Live Victor Emanuel, King of Italy!”.

answer: Marta

What is the highest temperature recorded in this country?
The highest temperature: 47 ° C was measured in Apulia.

answer: Marta

What is the lowest temperature recorded in this country?
The lowest temperature: -49.6 ° C was measured in Pale di San Martino.

answer: Marta

With how many years can you legally buy alcohol?
In this country, alcohol can be bought at the age of 16.

answer: Marta