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Last update : 13 February 2019

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Capital : Tehran
Language :  Persian
Currency :  Rial
Population : 79 688 900
Area : 1 648 195 km2

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Iran facts

1. The proclamation of the Islamic Republic of Iran took place on April 1, 1979.
2. The population density is 46 people / km2.
3. The country is 5.1 times bigger than Poland.
4. The main religion is Islam 99.5%.
5. The highest peak is Demawend, 5610 m above sea level.
6. The longest river is Karun.
7. The full name of the country – Islamic Republic of Iran.
8. Political system – Islamic republic
9. Motto of the country – “Independence, Freedom, Islamic Republic”.

11. The most popular sport is football.

12. As early as the 6th century BC played in Polo. It was a form of training for cavalry.

13. About 70% of the Iranian population is under the age of 30.

14. There is the death penalty for promoting pornography.

15. The government pays for ceremonies for group weddings. This is to encourage young people to marry.

16. Polygamy is legal in Iran, men can marry four women.

Author: Turyst

17. If a girl is harassed or harassed, her mother is punished because she is considered to have raised her daughter badly.

18. For 2,500 years, Iranians have been engaged in carpet weaving. Although they have come to perfection in this, they often deliberately make the mistake of explaining that only God is infallible.

19. Iran is one of the oldest continuous civilizations in the world.

20. In most homes there are no tables or chairs. People eat meals while sitting on pillows on the floor.

Author: MR

21. The Iranian organization offered a prize of $3 million to anyone who killed Salman Rushdie, author of “Satanic verses,” which in his book undermined the truth of the Koran.

22. Girls can get married from the age of 13, and guys from 15.

23. In city buses, men and women sit separately, also in schools the division is valid.

24. Some call yoghurt with Persian milk. They think that he has healing properties, apply him to ulcers, sunburn, and also faces him.

25. The capital of Iran has very polluted air. About 27 people die every day for related illnesses.

26. In 2012, Iranian police announced that the GOOGLE search engine is a spy tool.

27. The Iranian government wants to create a “National Internet” that would be under state control.

Author: MR

28. Elder Iranian priest Hojatoleslam Kazem Sedighi claims that women who wear skimpy costumes and behave in a dissolute manner are guilty of earthquakes.

Author: Marta(2)

29. Position in the best world army list:
      – 2015 year – 21 place,
      – 2018 year – 13 place.

30. There are over 534,000 professional soldiers and 400,000 reservists (2018).

Author: Wojak

31. Number of equipment:
      – 2014 year – 2400 tanks, 1500 armored vehicles, 480 jet aircraft and 120 helicopters,
      – 2018 year – 1650 tanks, 2215 armored vehicles, 502 jet aircraft and 145 helicopters.

32. Expenses for the army:
      – 2014 year – $6,000,000,000 ,
      – 2018 year – $6,300,000,000 .

33. Maritime fleet …
      – in 2014 , the year was around 195 ships, in 2018 of the year it’s about 217 ships.

Author: Wojak

34. You can not have satellite TV, and everyone has it anyway. The situation is similar with Facebook. Despite the bans, almost every young Iranian has a profile.

35. Hair must cover all women, even women, with kerchiefs.

36. Iranian women in Tehran often break all orders. They walk with the boys by the hand, they have loosely dropped hair scarves, they use sexy make-up, etc. They assume that the police will not be able to arrest everyone anyway.

Author: Irena

37. Women are very ambitious, they also hold high positions in the parliament.

38. Women who are detained by the police have to pick up their parents, even when they are of legal age.

39. Heels are considered by the authorities to be a “satanic invention”.

40. According to an unwritten rule, the state does not interfere in matters behind closed doors, so illegally imported alcohol is poured over the “houses” of liters.

41. More and more young Iranians are moving away from the imposed faith. They even choose atheism forbidden in this country.

42. Contrary to prevailing stereotypes, this country is very hospitable and friendly.

43. Residents are willing to provide help regardless of the tourist’s nationality. For them, a guest is a sanctity, a window to the world.

Author: Irena

44. In this country, you can not read the newspapers in the toilets, because it can contain a “holy word” or a picture of the Imam.

45. In Iran, archaeologists have discovered beer over 5,000 years old.

Author: puki

46. In Iran, it is forbidden to take dogs for a walk. They can not be transported by car.

Author: Ada

47. More women than men participate in Iranian schools.

Author: Ela

48. The minimum wage is 7 120 000 rials per month, working on average 44 hours a week (data from 2014).

49. The amount of income tax in Iran is 25%.

50. The unemployment rate in 2018 is 12.1% .

Author: Daria

51. In Iran, an average person consumes about 1 liter of pure alcohol per year.

52. The national alcohol is anise.

Author: AlkoWorld

53. In this country, compulsory education lasts 8 years.

54. The beginning of education begins at the age of 6.

55. The average IQ level is 84.

Author: EduKacJa

56. National animals are the marsh crocodile.

57. The national fruit is a pomegranate.

Author: Kos

58. The change from daylight saving time to winter time (clockwise shift back one hour) is from the 21st to the 22nd September.

Author: Adrianna

59. The national tree is cedar.

Author: Alma

60. The Iranians constitute only half of the country’s population. The Azeri are the largest minority.

Author: gakamur

61. The built-up speed limit is 50 km / h.

62. Outside of built-up areas, the permitted speed ranges from 70 to 120 km / h.

63. Zero tolerance for drivers driving a car “by glass”. You must have 0.0 promil.

Author: AutoMania

64. In 2014, 18 847 people lost their lives as a result of traffic accidents.

65. The country has more than 26,866,000 motor vehicles registered (341 vehicles per 1,000 inhabitants).

Author: AutoMania

66. 4% of the population suffer from malnourishment (around 3,160,000 people).

Author: Durga

67. In February 1972. the snowstorm and its very low temperature during the week led to the death of over 4,000 people.

Author: Fiorella

68. In Iran, adulthood is reached at the age of 15.

Author: Leah

69. In this country there are over 214,006 km of paved roads, including more than 2,361 km of expressways (0.33% of all roads in the world).

70. In this country there are 319 airports, 140 of the paved surface.

71. In this country there are more than 8,442 km of railway tracks.

72. There are metro lines in five Iranian cities.

73. In Tehran, there is a 127 km metro line (83 stations). It was opened in 2000. About 660 million people use it annually.

Author: Marlène

74. In this country over 46 800 000 (2015) 56 700 000 (2018) people have access to internet (approximately 72% of the population).

Author: NET

75. The national top-level domain is .ir . There are over 297,800 websites with such an extension.

76. The most popular pages with the extension .ir are: persianblog.ir, peyvandha.ir and tabnak.ir.

Author: http

77. The country has over $110,000,000,000 in foreign exchange reserves (0.94% of foreign currency reserves of all countries in the world).

Author: Vinamra

78. Gross Domestic Product (GDP) …
      – in 2015 the year is $417 269 000 000 ,
      – 2018 is $440,000,000,000 .

79. Internal debt at the beginning …
      – 2015 of the year was 16.4% GDP, or around: $68 432 116 000 ,
      – 2018 of the year was 32.1% GDP, or around: $141,240,000,000 . To pay it off, each citizen would have to give around $1,790.

80. The foreign debt at the beginning of 2015 year was around: $6 922 000 000 .

Author: Komornik

81. There are over 2,225 buildings in Tehran with a height exceeding 35 meters.

Author: BobBudowniczy

82. In this country an adult person smokes an average of 55 cigarettes a month.

Author: VViki

83. In this country there are 13.2% of people above 15 years of age who can not read or write (approximately 10,411,995 people).

Author: Reebeka

84. It is absolutely forbidden to photograph military objects.

Author: Mitch 

85. The lowest temperature: -36 °C was measured in Saghghez.

86. The highest temperature: 53 °C was measured in Dehloran.

Author: weather

87. The most deadly disease in this country is heart failure.

Author: medi

88. The average life expectancy in this country is 72.1 years (women – 73.9 years and men – 70.3 years).

Author: Wilga

89. 2 Iranian citizens received the Nobel Prize.

Author: redsun

90. In this country, women can get married at the age of 15, and men aged 18.

Author: Nadia

91. 10 women give birth to 18 children on average

Author: Nadia

92. The average age people living in this country is 28.8 years old.

93. The country is around:
18 724 000 people (23.69%) in the age range 0-14 years.
56 141 000 people (71.03%) in the age range 15-64 years.
4 173 200 people (5.28%) over 65 years old.

Author: Sara19

94. In this country, about 1 422 000 children are born each year (1.8% of the population), and about 469,000 people die (0.6% of the population).

Author: Sara19

95. The lowest situated place in the country is the Caspian Sea – 28 m.p.p.

Author: Klemens

96. The percentage share in the global economy of Iran in 2015 is 0.54% (for comparison, Poland’s share is 0.74%, and the United States – 23.32%).

Author: Setar

97. The Polish fairy tale “Bolek and Lolek” as the only European production was broadcast in Iran after the Islamic revolution in 1979.

Author: Luiza

98. In this country, a person of 9 years is subject to criminal liability.

99. In Iran there are 489570 km2 of agricultural land (32% of the country).

100. 73 people out of 1000 possess firearms.

101. Fereydunshahr is the highest town in the country.

102. In this country, women have the right to vote since 1963.

103. In this country, the formalities associated with setting up a business last for 47 days.

104. The country joined the UN on October 24, 1945.

105. 67% of the country’s population lives in urban areas.

106. In 2016, death penalty was imposed on over 560 people.

Author: Statyk

107. In this country, the amount of income tax for individuals is 35%, and for companies 25% (2018).

108. The tax on goods and services is 9% (2018).

109. The level of inflation in 2018 is 18%.

Author: Fan%

What is the highest peak in Iran?
The highest peak in Iran is Demawend (5610 m above sea level).

answer: Marta

What is the largest river in Iran?
The largest river in Iran is Karun.

answer: Marta

What is the largest lake in Iran?
we’re waiting for a response …


What is the national dish?
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What Iran has national colors?
National colors: green, white and red.

answer: Marta

What is national alcohol?
The national alcohol is anise.

answer: Marta

What is the national animal?
The national animal is a marsh crocodile.

answer: Marta

What is the national sport?
The national sport is Varzesh-e and Bastani.

answer: Marta

Which countries borders Iran?
Iran borders with such countries as: Afghanistan 936 km, Armenia 35 km, Azerbaijan 611 km, Iraq 1 458 km, Pakistan 909 km, Turkey 499 km, Turkmenistan 992 km.

answer: Marta

What is the average age of people living in this country?
The average age of people living in this country is 28.8 years.

answer: Marta

What is the minimum wage?
The minimum wage is 7 120 000 rials per month, working on average 44 hours a week (data from 2014).

answer: Marta

What is the population density in Iran?
The population density is 52 people per km2.

answer: Marta

What is the motto of this country?
Motto of the country – “Independence, Freedom, Islamic Republic”.

answer: Marta

What is the highest temperature recorded in this country?
The highest temperature: 53 ° C was measured in Dehloran.

answer: Marta

What is the lowest temperature recorded in this country?
The lowest temperature: -36 ° C was measured in Saghghez.

answer: Marta

With how many years can you legally buy alcohol?
In this country, alcohol consumption is illegal.

answer: Marta