InPost is a private postal service company.

The company’s headquarters is located in Krakow, ul. Malborska 130.

It was founded in 2006.

InPost interesting facts

1. Parcel lockers were introduced in 2009.

2. There are 1,900 parcel machines in over 400 towns in Poland.

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3. The launch of InPost took place when the postmen of Poczta Polska were on strike.

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4. Most often, parcels are collected from parcel machines on Wednesday (20%), and the least frequently on Sundays (6%).

5. The average time to collect a parcel from a parcel locker takes only 17 seconds.

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6. A package from a parcel locker should be collected within 48 hours.

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7. When the parcel locker is full, the parcel is redirected to the nearest Customer Service Point (Customer Service Point).

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InPost questions and answers

What distinguishes InPost from competing courier companies?

Parcel lockers, thanks to which you can conveniently send or pick up a parcel, 24 hours a day.

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What happens to the package from the parcel locker if I do not pick it up within 48 hours?

The parcel will go to the nearest InPost branch, where it will be possible to pick it up within 3 days.

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Why was the time of the parcel’s stay in the parcel locker shortened from 72h to 48h and in the branch from 11 days to 3 days?

It was established that most people pick up parcels within the first 24 hours, so shortening the time will not be a problem. The main reason is the increasing number of shipments, lack of space.

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Is it possible to extend the collection date?

It is possible to extend the stay of a parcel in a parcel locker for another 48 hours by sending an SMS (details can be found on the website

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