Ice hockey is a team game played on the ice rink.

Two 6-person teams use sticks to try to direct the puck towards the opponent’s goal.

Ice hockey interesting facts

1. The exact date and place of origin of this sport is unknown. Various records and pictures show that it was known in England or France in the 15th century.

2. The word hockey was first used in reference to the game in 1785. The name is supposed to come from the French word “hoquet” meaning “bent stick”.

3. The first rules of the game of hockey were described in Ontario (Canada) in 1855 by English soldiers.

4. The first hockey game took place on March 3, 1875 in Montreal (Canada) at the Victoria Skating Rink. Two teams of nine competed against each other. It is not known what result it ended with.

5. The matches were initially played with a round lacrosse ball, later replaced with a square wooden puck. One of the reasons for this change was that viewers were injured too much.

6. The first organized team – McGill University Hockey Club was established in 1877.

7. In 1896, the first ice hockey league was established in New York – The U. S. Amateur Hockey League.

8. The Stanley Cup has been awarded since 1893.

9. The best ice hockey league in the world – NHL (National Hockey League), has been played in the United States and Canada since 1917.

10. Ice hockey is Canada’s national sport.

11. 68 countries worldwide belong to the International Ice Hockey Federation (IIHF).

12. Each player under the age of 18 must play in a special face grille (similar to what a goalkeeper has).

13. During the game, you can touch the puck with your hand or skate, but you can score a goal only by hitting the stick.

14. The referee must see the puck at all times. When he is out of sight for more than 3 seconds, the game is interrupted.

15. In most team sports, a team has the right to start the next action after conceding a point / goal. In ice hockey there is a face-off (puck fight) in this situation.

16. In ice hockey, each match emerges victorious. Sometimes it requires extra time and penalties (3 series).

17. In the event of a tie, overtime takes place on the basis of a “golden goal”. Additionally, the number of players on the ice is reduced (1 less each).

18. During the penalty shoot-out, the attacking player may not pull back with the puck or lose it.

19. The club with the most NHL trophies is the Montreal Canadiens (24 championships).

20. The most goals in the NHL were scored by Wayne Gretzky, who played between 1979 and 1999. In 1487 matches he scored 894 goals and made 1963 assists.

21. There were only 3 Poles in the NHL: Peter Sidorkiewicz (1987-1994), Mariusz Czerkawski (1993-2006) and Krzysztof Oliwa (1996-2006).

22. Bobby Hull is the hardest hitting fighter in history. The puck after its impact reached a speed of over 190 km/h. He could also skate extremely fast, accelerating to over 45 km/h.

23. Wayne Gretzky set as many as 61 different, still unbeaten NHL records.

24. To prevent the puck from bouncing during the game, it is frozen before the game.

25. The ice sheet is 3 to 3.5 cm thick. It is kept at a constant temperature of -9 degrees Celsius.

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Ice hockey questions and answers

How many players does the hockey team consist of and in what positions do they play?

The hockey team consists of 6 players: 3 attackers, two defenders and a goalkeeper.

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How did Thomas Edison lose his hearing?

In Canada, the United States, Russia, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Germany, Poland, Sweden, Finland, Switzerland.

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How long does a hockey match last?

The match lasts 60 minutes. It is divided into 3 parts called thirds of 20 minutes.

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What are the changes in ice hockey?

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What is the hockey puck made of?

It is made of black vulcanized rubber.

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How much does a hockey puck weigh and what size is it?

The disc weighs 156 to 170 grams, with a maximum diameter of 7.62 cm and a thickness of 2.54 cm.

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Can you touch the puck with your hand?

You can, it is helpful in getting the upper hand under control. It is forbidden, inter alia, playing the puck with your hand to your partner.

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How many referees are there during a hockey match?

In most games, one main and two lines.

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When is he offside in ice hockey?

It is incinerated when a player has entered his opponent’s defending period before the puck has been pocked by his team. Return from burnt (postponed burnt) is allowed.

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When is a penalty kick in the match?

When the fouled player goes alone with the goalkeeper.

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What are the dimensions of a hockey rink?

Dimensions vary depending on the games played. In the NHL, the pitch is 25.91 x 60.92 m, and in the IIHF – 29-30 by 60-61 m.

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Why are there more fights in the NHL than in matches in other competitions?

There are lower penalties for fighting in the NHL (5-minute suspension). In matches of the IIHF organization, a fight is threatened with a suspension match.

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What clubs did Maya Yoshida play for?

Ice hockey is the official winter national sport in Canada and unofficial in the Czech Republic and Slovakia.

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