The hare is a mammal belonging to the Leporidae family.

32 species of hares are known.

The scientific name is lepus.

Hare interesting facts

1. Hares with a strong leg can jump up to a distance of 3 meters.

2. Hares have very long ears.

3. The female gives birth to cubs several times a year.

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4. In Latin, the hare has the same name as the rabbit.

5. Hares do not build burrows.

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6. The hare’s tail is about 10 cm long.

7. Hare droppings are called quills.

8. In Poland, the hare is called the gray or the kopyra.

9. The male is called a gach or a cat, the female is a female cat, and the young are kittens.

10. The hare’s tail is called omyk, eyes – crackles, glares or bolls, teeth – streams, fur – sheepskin, ears – ears.

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11. A female hare may, at the end of one pregnancy, develop another – a rare phenomenon called overfertilization.

12. Currently, there are about half a million hares in Poland. Even 50 years ago, there were 7 times more of them.

13. The greatest natural enemy of the Polish gray hare is the fox.

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14. Young hares start to nibble the grass after a week.

15. The Hare has poor vision of stationary objects, but perfectly moving objects, even from a long distance.

16. The hare’s voice can only be heard when panicked runs away from the threat.

17. Hares can swim.

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18. In Poland, hares can be hunted from November 1 to December 31.

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Hare questions and answers

How long does a hare live?

Hares live an average of 5 years, although they can live up to 13 years.

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How much does a hare weigh?

Depending on the species, the weight varies from 2.5 to 7 kg.

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What do hares eat?

Hares are herbivores. They eat the above-ground parts of plants, and in winter also roots and twigs.

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Where are the hares found?

Hares inhabit all continents except Australia.

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How big is the hare?

An adult hare is 43 to 75 cm long. Height up to 30 cm.

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How long is the pregnancy of a hare?

The rabbit is pregnant for 42 days.

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How fast are the bunnies?

The fastest bunnies can run at speeds of up to 65 km / h.

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How is a hare different from a rabbit?

The hare is larger, has longer ears, leads a solitary lifestyle, does not dig burrows.

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How long are the hares?

The length of an adult individual varies from 43 to 75 cm.

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