Handball is a team sport involving two teams of seven. Their goal is to score as many goals as possible.

This is an extremely fast and tough contact game.

Handball interesting facts

1. The game of urania was popular in ancient Greece. Its rules were similar to modern handball.

2. In 1898, the Dane Holger Nielsen wrote down the first rules and rules of modern handball.

3. The date of birth of this sport is considered to be October 29, 1917. It was then that an improved set of rules was published in Berlin.

4. The main change that distinguishes modern handball from games from the early nineteenth century is the introduction of, among others no running with the ball. This forced the players to play as a team, which made the gameplay more interesting and much more dynamic.

5. On September 13, 1925, the first interstate match was played. Germany beat Australia 6 to 3.

6. Initially, two 11-person teams competed in the German version of handball.

7. At the Summer Olympics in Berlin, on the orders of Adolf Hitler, handball matches were played for the first and only time in history in an open stadium. There was a record attendance at these competitions – over 100,000 spectators.

8. The goalkeeper becomes an offensive player when he leaves the penalty area.

9. Currently, 197 national federations belong to the International Handball Federation (IHF).

10. Qatar is the only team from outside Europe that won a medal at the World Cup (in 2015, a silver medal).

11. The best representation in history is France, which won a total of 11 medals at the World Cup (6 gold, 1 silver and 4 bronze).

12. Thierry Omeyer – the goalkeeper of the French national team is the only player to have won the World Championship 5 times.

13. The handball goal has posts and a crossbar with a square cross-section with sides of 8 cm.

14. There are two referees on the playing court during a handball match.

15. For the game to be as dynamic as possible, 18 gestures have been established, which the referees use to quickly convey the decisions made to the players.

16. Of team games, only ice hockey is considered to be faster than handball.

17. On April 6, 2006, Albania lost 1 to 81 against the Faroe Islands. Interestingly, the reason for the record loss was a mistake. Instead of handball players, basketball players went to the tournament.

18. On August 21, 2014, Japan defeated the Maldives 79 to 0 in the women’s match. The goalkeeper of the losing team failed to save any throw.

19. There are approximately 1,300,000 teams and over 30 million players in the world.

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20. Wenta – a unit of time created in honor of Polish handball players in January 2009. One sentence lasts 15 seconds. As it is commonly known, one will take a long time to change the game.

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Handball questions and answers

When is the steps error?

A step violation is when a skater takes more than 3 steps while holding the ball in his hands.

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Why is handball in Poland called handball?

Because in Poland the game of handball was started by the officers of the 1st and 3rd brigades of the Polish Legions (in 1917) in Szczypiorno.

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How big is the handball field?

The pitch is 40 m long and 20 m wide.

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How long is a handball game?

The match is divided into two halves of 30 minutes each. In the event of a tie, two extra periods of 5 minutes will be played when it is necessary to determine the winner. If there is still a tie on the scoreboard, the players shall proceed to the penalty shoot-out.

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How big is the goal?

The goal is 2 meters high and 3 meters wide.

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What is the size and how much does the ball weigh?

The women play balls with a circumference of 54 to 56 cm and weighing from 324 to 375 g. The men play balls with a circumference of 58 to 60 cm and weighing 425 to 475 g.

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Since there are two main judges, what if they disagree?

A short break is then ordered to determine which judge is right.

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