Hakim Ziyech is a Moroccan footballer who plays as an attacking midfielder.

Official Fanpage: www.facebook.com/officialhziyech (over 122,000 people).

Official Instagram account: www.instagram.com/hziyech (over 497k followers).

Clubs played by Hakim Ziyech

Reaal Dronten 2001–2004
ASV Dronten 2004–2007
Heerenveen 2007–2014
Twente 2014–2016
Ajax 2016–

Hakim Ziyech interesting facts

1. In 2012, he signed his first professional contact with Sc Heerenveen.

2. In the senior national team (until May 2019) he played 15 matches (scored 8 goals).

3. As a junior he played for ASV Dronten.

4. From August 30, 2016, he is a player of Ajax Amsterdam (contract until the end of June 2021).

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5. Hakim Ziyech’s manager is Nakhli Mondial.

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6. Its market value is estimated at EUR 20 million (data from May 2018).

7. FC Twente has sold Hakim Ziyech to Ajax Amsterdam for EUR 11 million.

8. The sum of all transfers is EUR 14.5 million (data from May 2018).

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9. In the first team, Hakim Ziyech made his debut on October 9, 2015. He played 65 minutes in a 0-1 loss against Côte d’Ivoire.

10. In all club matches (data from May 2018) he played a total of 258 matches and scored 81 goals.

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11. From 2014 to May 2019, he was injured 5 times (26 days in total).

12. Hakim Ziyech is left-footed.

13. In 2013-2014 he played for the Netherlands U-21 national team (2 goals in 3 matches).

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Hakim Ziyech questions and answers

Where and when was Hakim Ziyech born?

Hakim Ziyech was born on March 19, 1993 in Dronten (The Netherlands).

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How tall is Hakim Ziyech?

Hakim Ziyech is 180 cm tall.

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How much does Hakim Ziyech weigh?

Hakim Ziyech weighs approximately 67 kg.

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What clubs did Hakim Ziyech play for?

Hakim Ziyech played in: Sc Heerenveen (2012-2014), FC Twente (2014-2016), Ajax Amsterdam (since 2016).

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Which Zodiac sign is Hakim Ziyech from?


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How old is Hakim Ziyech?

Hakim Ziyech is 26 years old (May 2019).

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