Grudziądz is a city with poviat rights in the Kuyavian-Pomeranian Voivodeship.

Geographic coordinates: 53 ° 29′13 ″ N 18 ° 45′25 ″ E

Grudziądz interesting facts

1. The average height of the area of ​​the city of Grudziądz is about 50 m above sea level.

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2. Grudziądz in 2018 was inhabited by about 3 times more inhabitants than in 1900.

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3. Since 1896, there have been trams in the city (currently the track is about 18 km long).

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4. On December 8, 2017, the complex of historic granaries with a panorama from the side of the Vistula River was entered on the list of historical monuments.

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5. The western border of the city is marked by the Vistula River.

6. Archaeologists have discovered traces of man from 10 thousand years ago in Grudziądz.

7. In 1918, about 18% of people living in Grudziądz were Poles.

8. In 1920, Grudziądz joined Poland.

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Grudziądz questions and answers

When was Grudziadz founded? Since when does it have city rights?

Grudziądz was founded on April 11, 1065. It has had city rights since June 18, 1291.

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What registration plates do vehicles registered in Grudziądz have?

The number on the license plates begins with CG.

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How does the postal code in Grudziądz start?

The zip code starts with 86-xxx.

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What is the area code?

Grudziądz has the area code (+48) 56.

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How has the number of inhabitants in Grudziądz changed over the years?

– 1900 – 32,700 inhabitants,
– 1950 – 45,327 inhabitants,
– 1960 – 64,965 inhabitants,
– 1970 – 75,668 inhabitants,
– 2,000 – 102,434 inhabitants,
– 2007 – 99090 inhabitants,
– 2018 – 95629

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What is the surface area of Grudziądz?

Grudziądz has an area of ​​57.76 km².

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How many people live in Grudziądz?

At the beginning of 2018, about 95,620 people lived in Grudziądz.

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What is the population density in Grudziądz?

The population density in Grudziądz is 1655 people per km².

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What is the largest river in Grudziądz?

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What’s worth seeing in Grudziadz?

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