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1. The scientific name is Gorilla.

2. Gorilla is the largest representative of today’s living primate monkeys, belonging to the family of monkeys.

3. Two species of gorillas are known: western and eastern (4 subspecies).

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4. The most numerous subspecies is the western lowland gorilla – over 100,000 individuals.

5. Gorillas are threatened with extinction.

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6. Gorillas spend most of their time on the ground moving on four legs. They are jumping mainly on their young trees.

7. The oldest gorilla living in a Filipino zoo lived as much as 54 years.

8. The largest gorilla living in the wild was 183 cm tall and weighed 225 kg.

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9. The gorilla’s jaw protrudes more forward than the jaw.

10. The male is about one times the size of the female.

11. Each gorilla has different fingerprints.

12. Gorillas are incredibly strong. They can raise up to five times more than they weigh. The largest, even over a ton.

13. Most gorillas have a blood group – B.

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14. Females become mature at around 10-11 years old. Male 2 years later.

15. Gorilla a day can eat over 20 kg of plants.

16. The biggest enemies of gorillas are predatory cats.

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17. One child is born at a time. Very rarely, the pregnancy is double.

18. The young gorilla is breastfed for a maximum of three years.

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19. She sleeps with her mother for 5 years.

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20. Gorilla can learn to use a simplified version of sign language.

21. The most intelligent gorilla is a female lowland gorilla named Koko. He understands nearly 2,000 English words, over 1,000 characters in sign language. His level of intelligence based on many tests is estimated at 80-95 IQ.

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22. Old gorillas have gray hair on their backs.

23. They have the same efficient, gripping hands and legs.

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How many gorillas live?

Gorillas live 35-40 years.

Answer: Marta

How much does a gorilla weigh?

The female weighs from 60 to 100 kg, and the male from 150 to even 200 kg.

Answer: Marta

What do gorillas eat?

Gorillas are herbivorous. Mainly feed on leaves, fruits, roots, tree bark. Sometimes they will eat an insect.

Answer: Marta

Where are the gorillas?

Gorillas can be found in the jungles of Central Africa.

Answer: Marta

What size is a gorilla?

The largest gorilla living in the wild had 1983 growth (on average, male 160-175 cm, female 140 cm).

Answer: Marta

How long does the pregnancy of a gorilla take?

Pregnancy lasts about 250 days.

Answer: Marta

How fast are gorillas?

Gorilla can speed up to 35 km / h.

Answer: Marta

Why do bodyguards say “gorillas”?

Because in most cases, bodyguards have a powerful body structure, like gorillas.

Answer: Marta

When does a small gorilla open his eyes?

Gorillas are born with open eyes.

Answer: Marta

Why would the gorillas have that much strength?

They use their great power, for example, to tear tree trunks to get into a nutritious interior.

Answer: Marta

Do flocks or groups compete with each other?

Most groups consist of one male and several females. Fighting occurs when a male wants to take power in another group. Gorillas are valiant animals, just scaring the show of sharp fangs is not enough and often comes to bloody fights. The winner takes the female to himself, and kills all the young, so that in the group only have their offspring.

Answer: Greg