The giraffe is the African cloven-hoofed mammal of the giraffe family, the tallest land animal

There are 4 species of giraffes in the world.

Giraffe interesting facts

1. Long limbs and neck perform thermoregulatory functions, also by increasing the distance of the head from the surface of the earth heated by the sun

2. Giraffes can close their outer nostrils to protect themselves from sandstorms or ants.

3. The giraffe’s tongue is up to 50 cm long.

4. The giraffe’s stomach is four-chambered

5. Being a ruminant, the giraffe chews food first and then swallows it. After digestion, the half-digested food returns to the mouth where it is chewed again.

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6. They live in herds consisting of several to several dozen individuals.

7. Lions are the only predators that truly threaten adult giraffes.

8. The largest giraffe was 5.87 m and weighed 2000 kg.

9. Giraffes can run at a speed of 50 km/h.

10. A newborn giraffe calf falls from a height of 1.5 m because the female is unable to lower herself during birth.

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11. There is an Omo giraffe in Tanzania, which has white skin.

12. Depending on where the giraffe comes from, it has different patterns on the skin.

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13. A giraffe has the same number of cervical vertebrae as a human – 7.

14. The giraffe’s tongue is half a meter long.

15. The giraffe is able to clean its ears with its tongue.

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16. An adult giraffe can kill a lion with one kick.

17. The giraffe resembles a cross between a camel and a leopard.

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18. Giraffes with their necks beat against the female.

19. The giraffe’s tongue is blue.

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20. The color of a giraffe’s coat depends on what they eat and where they live. It can be light brown to almost black. The dot pattern is unique for every giraffe.

21. Giraffes have blue blood because it does not contain hemoglobin.

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Giraffe questions and answers

How much does the giraffe weigh?

The male giraffe weighs about 1200 kg, and the female about 830 kg.

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How long is a giraffe’s neck?

The giraffe’s neck can be as long as 4-5m.

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Where are the giraffes found?

Giraffes are found from Chad in the north to South Africa in the south, and from Niger in the west to Somalia in the east.

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What do giraffes eat?

The main source of food for giraffes is acacia leaves, growing at heights inaccessible to other herbivores.

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How long does a giraffe get pregnant?

Giraffe pregnancy lasts about 460 days, i.e. 15 months.

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How Much Does a Giraffe Live?

From 20 to 30 years old.

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