The giant panda is a mammal from the bear family.

Scientific name: Ailuropoda melanoleuca.

Giant panda interesting facts

1. The giant panda is also known as the bamboo bear.

2. Its closest relative is the Andean bear.

3. Giant pandas can eat up to 40 kg of food a day (on average about 15 kg). They spend 12 hours a day on it.

4. Initially, the giant panda belonged to the raccoon family.

5. Giant pandas are found in the wild only in bamboo forests at an altitude of 1600-2000 m above sea level.

6. About 1,700 giant pandas currently live in the wild. About 300 in zoos.

7. 1/3 of captive males lose interest in females. As a result, their breeding is very difficult.

8. According to the collected data, 50% of single pregnancies, 48% of twins and 2% of triplets were observed in giant pandas. Usually only one young survives.

9. The great Lord has 40 teeth.

10. Their pupils, like those of a cat, are vertical.

11. In China, killing a panda or selling its meat or fur was punishable by death.

12. Black spots on a panda’s face make it difficult to determine its facial expressions and predict its behavior.

13. Since 1970, the panda population has increased by 80%. As a result, its status was changed from “endangered species” to “endangered species” for extinction.

14. The longest-lived panda named Basi was 37 years old.

15. Panda learns to climb trees from the age of 7 months.

16. A giant panda has sharp teeth that it could use when hunting, however it does not have enough energy to pursue a potential prey.

17. Panda fossils dating back 2 million years have been discovered.

18. All giant pandas that we can find in zoos around the world are owned by China.

19. At birth, the panda is 15 cm long. She is blind and has no fur.

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Giant panda questions and answers

How many giant pandas live?

Giant pandas live 20-30 years (15-20 years in the wild).

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How much does a giant panda weigh?

An adult giant panda weighs from 80 to even 150 kg.

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What do giant pandas eat?

Pandas feed mainly on bamboo shoots (99% of their diet) and on small predators and fish.

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Where do giant pandas occur?

Pandas can be found in the Chinese provinces of Sichuan, Gansu and Shaanxi.

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What is the body length of giant pandas?

The body length of an adult giant panda is about 1.4 m.

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How long does a giant panda’s pregnancy take?

Varies, from 85 to even 160 days.

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What does the difference in pregnancy length depend on?

This is due to a phenomenon known as delayed implementation.

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How fast are giant pandas?

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How do giant pandas communicate with each other?

Giant pandas are loners. They rarely communicate with each other. When they have to, they communicate mainly using different sounds, marking the territory with urine or leaving claw marks.

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Why is the giant panda a predator?

The reason is the structure of the digestive system, which is like that of carnivores. Panda even has large, sharp teeth that are able to tear meat easily.

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Why do giant pandas eat so much?

The panda’s digestive system only digest 25% of the food it consumes.

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How tall are giant pandas?

An adult giant panda is 60-80 cm at the withers.

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Giant panda has a tail?

Yes, it has a tail that is approximately 13 cm long.

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What clubs has Sadio Mane played for?

The female is about 3 years old, and the male is about 5 years old.

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What is the reason for the decline in the giant panda population?

The main reason is that people are cutting down bamboo forests.

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Panda can swim?

Yes, like most bears, panda is a good swimmer.

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Why are pandas so popular and liked by everyone?

They look like a teddy bear. Their large forward-facing eyes and thick fur make them perceived as extremely cute.

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