The giant anaconda (green) is one of the largest snakes in the world belonging to the constrictor family.

Occurs in South America east of the Andes.

It lives in marshy areas, mainly in the tropical rainforests of the Amazon and Orinoco basins.

Giant anaconda interesting facts

1. The giant anaconda is the heaviest snake in the world. Its weight can be over 90 kg.

2. A prize of $ 50,000 will be awarded to anyone who catches an anaconda over 9.1 meters tall.

3. According to local legends, anacondas over 17 meters in length have been seen.

4. There are known cases when the female ate the male. Why are acts of cannibalism taking place? This is not known.

5. Anaconda is approximately 70 cm long after birth.

6. During one litter, 20 to 40 young anacondas are born.

7. The remains of a 12-meter long anaconda that lived 58 million years ago have been discovered in Colombia.

8. In 2016, an anaconda reportedly 10 meters tall and weighing over 400 kg was found dead in Brazil. This has not been officially confirmed.

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How much do anacondas weigh?

From 30 to 90 kg.

Answer: Mati

How long are the anacondas?

The adult specimen is about 4.5 m long.

Answer: Mati

Anaconda is poisonous?

Anaconda is not poisonous.

Answer: Mati

Can an anaconda eat a human?

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In which countries can the giant anaconda be found?

In Colombia, Venezuela, Guyana, Ecuador, Peru, Bolivia, Brazil, Paraguay.

Answer: Mati

What do anacondas eat?

Everything they can hunt. Mostly fish, birds, small mammals and reptiles. Adult individuals can hunt deer, capybaras, tapirs and caimans.

Answer: Mati

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