Geckos are reptiles with the most primitive structure among lizards.

Gecko interesting facts

1. There are over 100 genera and nearly 1,200 species of geckos scientifically described.

2. Geckos are the most popular lizards bred by terrorists.

3. There are 7 species of geckos in Europe.

4. The skin of the gecko is covered with granular scales.

5. Day geckos have round pupils while night geckos have vertical pupils.

6. The geckos’ eyelids are fused together, the eyes are washing their tongue.

7. An adult gecko can hold its entire body weight with one finger.

8. A gecko hooked with all its fingers is able to bear the weight of a human baby weight.

9. Geckos can change coloration.

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What do geckos eat?

Geckos eat mainly insects, there are small rodents and birds.

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Where do geckos live?

Geckos live in North, Central and South America, Africa, Madagascar, the Arabian Peninsula, South Asia, Australia, the Malay Archipelago, New Zealand and Europe.

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