Gdańsk is a city with poviat rights in the Pomeranian Voivodeship.

Geographic coordinates: 54 ° 20′51 ″ N 18 ° 38′43 ″ E

Gdańsk interesting facts

1. The lowest point in Gdańsk is located at 1.6 m above sea level. The highest point is 180 m above sea level.

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2. In 2018, Gdańsk was inhabited by about 3.3 times more inhabitants than in 1900.

3. About 90% of the city was destroyed during World War II.

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4. Since 1873, there have been trams in the city (now the track is about 109 km long).

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5. The fourth largest stadium in Poland is located in Gdańsk – the Energa Stadium, which can accommodate 43,615 people.

6. This city is the third largest airport in Poland (it is used by about 5 million people annually).

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7. In Gdańsk, there are as many as 5 objects included in the list of historical monuments (the city within the fortifications from the 17th century, the Battlefield on Westerplatte, the post-Cistercian-cathedral complex, the Wisłoujście Fortress and the Gdańsk Shipyard).

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Gdańsk questions and answers

When was Gdańsk founded? Since when does it have city rights?

Gdańsk was founded in 997. It has had city rights since 1457 (the Old Town from 1236).

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What registration plates do vehicles registered in Gdańsk have?

The number on the registration plates starts with GD.

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How does the postal code in Gdańsk begin?

The zip code starts with 80-xxx.

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What is the area code?

Gdańsk has the area code (+48) 58.

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How has the number of inhabitants in Gdańsk changed over the years?

– 1900 – 140,600 inhabitants,
– 1950 – 194633 inhabitants,
– 1960 – 286940 inhabitants,
– 1970 – 365600 inhabitants,
– 2000 – 458,988 inhabitants,
– 2007 – 458 717 inhabitants,
– 2018 – 464 829

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How big is Gdańsk?

Gdańsk has 261.96 km².

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How many people live in Gdańsk?

At the beginning of 2018, approximately 464,250 people lived in Gdańsk.

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What is the population density in Gdańsk?

The population density in Gdańsk is 1772 people per km².

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What is the largest river in Gdańsk?

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What’s worth seeing in Gdańsk?

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