Fugu is a fish from the puffer family.

This fish is found in the western part of the Japanese Sea, in the East and Yellow Seas.

The scientific name is Takifugu rubripes.

Fugu interesting facts

1. Fugu is called puffer fish.

2. The guts of Fugu fish, mainly the liver, ovaries and roe, contain tetrodoxin, a very strong toxin that is dangerous to humans.

3. The genome of the fugu fish is the shortest of the vertebrate genomes.

4. The genome of the fugu fish is very similar to the human genome.

5. The fugu fish swim at a depth of 10 to 135 meters.

6. Although this fish can kill, it is considered a delicacy in Japan.

7. It has been eaten in Japan since 200 BCE.

8. Poorly prepared fish can lead to paralysis of the respiratory tract and death through suffocation.

9. Annually, the Fugu dish kills a dozen people, mainly in Japan.

10. Fugu can only be prepared and sold by a sushi master who has undergone many years of training and has completed a state exam.

11. Only 30% of chefs manage to pass the exam and obtain a certificate to prepare dishes with Fugu.

12. It is very expensive to get certified to prepare fugu fish.

13. Often the cook serves the fish to the client and tries it himself.

14. Fugu is the only dish that cannot be served to the Emperor of Japan.

15. Fugu is banned from eating in the European Union.

16. The fugu dish is considered the riskiest delicacy in the world.

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What size is the Fugu fish?

The average body length is 40 cm, although there are occasions twice as large.

Answer: Marta

Why is this fish called a puffer?

Because in the moment of danger, it “inflates” in a significant way, increasing its volume, scaring the attacker.

Answer: Marta

What does this fish have in itself that people risk their lives to eat?

apparently it is very tasty and in a very pleasant way a small amount of poison that is in it, gently paralyzes the lips.

Answer: Marta

How much does a Fugu fish dish cost?

One serving can cost up to 500 $.

Answer: Marta

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