It is a device that has the task of lowering the temperature, using the supplied energy.

A refrigerator is the colloquial name for a refrigerator.

Fridge interesting facts

1. James Harrison, an Australian inventor, is the creators of the first refrigerator.

2. The first refrigerators on sale appeared in 1862.

3. The Bavarian engineer Carl von Linde in 1871 created a cooling system at the Munich brewery Spaten, in order to be able to produce beer in the summer.

4. In 1913 in Chicago (USA), the first refrigerator for home use – DOMELRE.

5. The freezer, which is now an integral part of refrigerators, was invented in 1939.

6. The company Elecrtolux introduced a large scale of refrigerators into the houses.

7. It is a device that is found in virtually every home.

8. Thanks to the refrigerator, it is possible to store food for a long time. Low temperature kills bacteria.

9. The optimal temperature in the refrigerator is from 3 to 5 ° C.

10. The freezer cools from -23 ° C to -18 ° C.

11. It is assumed that food stored at a temperature below -18 ° C, stays fresh even for many months.

12. The latest refrigerators have a built-in distributor of chilled water and ice cubes, and even a television.

13. The smallest fridge has a capacity of 4 liters. It is able to accommodate 6 cans of beer.

14. Household refrigerators can have a capacity of up to 600 liters.

15. A fridge was created, which orders the missing products in the online store itself.

16. One of the more convenient options for new refrigerators is automatic defrosting.

17. Current refrigerators consume a similar amount of electricity as produced in the 30’s, XX century, despite the fact that they are much larger and more efficient.

18. Freezers have a temperature of even -34 ° C.

19. After closing the fridge door, the light does not glow in it 🙂

20. The cheapest refrigerators we found (for domestic use) cost: 36 liters – $80, 80 liters – $130, 170 liters – $200 (April 2018).

21. The most expensive fridge we found (for home use) cost $15,000 (April 2018).

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How have you done without refrigerators before?

Dugouts were dug, double wooden walls were made in them, and straw was placed between them, which did not let any heat through. Thanks to such treatments, even on a hot day it was possible to keep the temperature close to zero in such a place.

Answer: Marta

How much fridge does the electricity draw?

Refrigerators consume the most electricity from all household appliances. A lot depends on the energy efficiency class of the refrigerator. On average, it leaves about 0,2 $ a day to a little over 80 $ a year.

Answer: Ceny

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