The FIFA ranking is a compilation of the national teams, the International Football Federation.

All official matches of the first national teams from the last 4 years are scored.

There are 211 teams from all over the world in the ranking.

FIFA ranking interesting facts

1. In English, the FIFA Ranking is called Coca-Cola Men’s World Ranking.

2. The first ranking was published in December 1992.

3. Since August 1993, the FIFA ranking has been published monthly.

4. Originally, the matches were scored in the same way as in the league: win – 3 points, draw – 1 point, loss – 0 points.

5. Since 2013, the FIFA ranking is published on Thursday (previously it was Wednesday).

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6. The first leader of the ranking was the representation of the Germans.

7. According to the FIFA ranking, Europe is the best continent for football.

8. The first position in the FIFA ranking that Poland took in 1992 was the 20th place.

9. The lowest position in the FIFA ranking was taken by Poland in November 2013.

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FIFA ranking questions and answers

Why did the German national team become the first leader of the FIFA ranking?

Since it was recognized in those years, it was the best team in the world. Germany won the World Championship in 1990.

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Which team is the best in the history of FIFA ranking?

Brazil has been ranked # 1 in the FIFA rankings for over 11 years.

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Which is the highest place in the FIFA ranking for Poland?

In the July FIFA ranking, Poland took a record high, 5th position.

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Why is a high FIFA ranking so important?

It depends on the place taken from which basket a given country will be drawn before the championship.

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Which of the coaches improved the Poles’ position the most in the FIFA ranking?

The current coach Adam Nawałka made an amazing sense. Out of the worst in history, the 78th position of the Polish national team in less than 4 years led Poland to the top, a record 5th place.

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