The eyes are organs of the visual system.

Eyes interesting facts

1. The eyes are called the mirror of the soul.

2. It is estimated that the organ of sight developed in the first creatures on Earth as early as 550 million years ago.

3. Currently, about 96% of the animals known to us on Earth have an extensive organ of sight.

4. The most people in the world have brown eyes.

5. People with blue eyes only appeared about 10,000 years ago.

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6. The people’s eye has a resolution of around 70 megapixels.

7. Retina Implants produces an implant that, when placed on the retina, allows a blind person to distinguish between shades of gray. Unfortunately, the device is expensive. It costs about PLN 430,000 (1 PLN = 0.26 USD).

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8. The human eye under favorable conditions is able to perceive a small focus from more than 20 km.

9. The eyes are only an organ that records an image. We “see” thanks to the brain, which is able to properly process the received impulses.

10. The newborn is color blind.

11. People who are born blind cannot imagine what the colors look like.

12. The only tissue in the human body that does not contain blood vessels is the cornea.

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13. The eyelashes protect the eyes against pollution.

14. It’s impossible to sneeze with your eyes open. This could cause the knobs to fall out.

15. Reading in low light does not damage your eyes, it can only tire them out.

16. There is no point in teaching a dog to run on a green light rather than a red light. These animals do not distinguish between these two colors.

17. It is said that women are the best at distinguishing between colors. There is something to it, but they wouldn’t win against the gecko. They can recognize colors more than 300 times better than the human eye.

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18. There is a jellyfish species that has 24 eyes.

19. The cornea of ​​sharks is very similar to that of humans.

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Eyes questions and answers

How long does one blink of an eye take?

It takes about a tenth of a second.

Answer: Marta

How many times do we blink a day?

About 12,000 times.

Answer: Marta

Why do we need two eyeballs? One is not enough?

Thanks to two eyeballs, we have a better possibility to judge depth and distance.

Answer: Marta

Why did people with blue eyes appear only 10,000 years ago?

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Is it true that all people with blue eyes have a common ancestor?

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Why do the elderly have more eye problems than the young?

As people age, they produce less tears. The eye is less hydrated, making it more vulnerable to various chronic ailments.

Answer: Marta

Why do your eyes tire from looking at the monitor screen?

The main reason is blinking too infrequently.

Answer: Marta

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