EVE Online is an online game where the action takes place in outer space.

The producer of the game is Crowd Control Productions.

The premiere of the game for PC took place on May 6, 2003.

Minimal requirements EVE Online:

Graphics Card:    
Disk space:    

Recommended requirements EVE Online:

System:     Windows XP / Windows Vista / Windows 7
Processor:     Pentium 4 2 GHz
Graphics Card:     GeForce 8600
RAM:     2 GB
Disk space:     6 GB

EVE Online interesting facts

1. The universe of this game is called New Eden.

2. In 2013, the number of active players exceeded half a million.

3. From November 2016, EVE Online is free to play.

4. The game world, or rather the universe, consists of 7,800 solar systems with a mass of planets and moons.

5. The universe generated in the game is huge. A player with the nickname DevilDogUSMC took up an extraordinary challenge – fly around the entire galaxy. The journey took him … 4 days.

6. On May 25, 2017, a ship with 100,222,231,539,755.25 ISK was shot down, which in dollar terms amounted to as much as $ 1,337,979.71. It turned out to be a clever use of an in-game bug.

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7. The largest empire in the EVE world is Amarr.

8. In January 2018, EVE Online saw the biggest showdown in gaming history. More than 6,000 players fought each other, and the value of their ships exceeded one million dollars.

9. About 95% of the items on the market are acquired by players. It is the players who decide how the prices on the market look like.

10. The monthly subscription can be paid in-game currency.

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11. In April 2016, the ability to build large space cities was added.

12. The largest structures in the game are so large that they require the cooperation of hundreds of players.

13. On the 10th anniversary of the game, the record of people logged in at the same time in the game was broken – 65,303.

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14. It is popular to say that EVE Online is all about getting the best players to play at your expense.

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EVE Online questions and answers

Can EVE Online only be played on PC?

The game is only available on PC.

Answer: ManiakPC

How much does EVE Online cost?

This game can be played for free.

Answer: ManiakPC

How old can you play EVE Online?

EVE Online can be played from the age of 12.

Answer: ManiakPC

Can you play EVE Online in Polish?

There is no Polish language version.

Answer: ManiakPC

Why is the ship value converted into dollars?

You can pay for a monthly subscription for in-game cash. Hence, it is easy to calculate how much in-game currency is worth real money.

Answer: Tomasz

Is it possible to withdraw the currency available in the game?

Unfortunately, the game developers did not foresee such a possibility. There is a BAN for selling illegal currency, and a warning for the buyer.

Answer: Tomasz

What is ISK?

It is the in-game currency (Interstellar Kredit).

Answer: Tomasz

If EVE Online is free now, why do people pay a monthly subscription?

The free version is limited, paying a monthly subscription we have access to all the possibilities offered by the game.

Answer: Tomasz

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