Currently, this day closes the series of religious celebrations of Christmas.

The three kings were also called the three wise men, the three magicians.

These were people who, according to various stories, followed the Star of Bethlehem, which led them to the birthplace of Jesus Christ.

They worshiped him and offered three gifts: myrrh, gold and incense.

This event is mentioned in the Bible only in the Gospel of Matthew (2: 1-12).

Epiphany interesting facts

1. According to the records of a trip to the Far East, Marco Polo, the Persian city of Saveh, now located in Iran, was the place from which the Three Kings departed.

2. It does not say how many kings there were or what names they had in the Bible.

3. The first Christians celebrated Christmas on that day.

4. In old Poland it was a day of generosity, when boys dressed as the Magi knocked on the door of houses and collected gifts.

5. Polish kings gave gifts to their courtiers, and children in the countryside received red apples and nuts.

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6. In some places in Poland, jewelery was brought to church to be blessed.

7. On the door on this day, devoted K + M + B in chalk is written.

8. Houses and farmyards were incensed with incense. It was believed to ward off disease and misfortune.

9. In France and England, playing in the election of the almond king is popular to this day.

10. In Italy on that day, it was believed that a good witch, flying on a broomstick at night, distributes gifts to children.

11. The reliquary of the Magi is located in the Cathedral of St. Peter and the Virgin Mary in Cologne.

12. The feast of the Epiphany has been celebrated in Egypt since the 3rd century. It was believed that the god of light was born then.

13. The Magi are often depicted as people of different skin colors, black, white and yellow. It symbolizes the people of the three continents that people knew at that time.

14. Professionally, Epiphany is the name of the Epiphany.

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15. Epiphany is called the Epiphany.

16. Until 1960, it was a day off in Poland. After 50 years, it was restored on January 1, 2011.

17. Epiphany’s Day was considered a holy day in Catholicism, Orthodoxy and the ancient Churches of the East.

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18. There was also the fourth king, whose name was Thomas. He was to come with the scepter. He did not see Jesus at his birth, but did finally see him at the way of the cross.

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Epiphany questions and answers

Why, when the Bible does not mention the number of Kings, is it assumed that there were three?

There may have been many wise men who were on their way to Bethlehem to worship Jesus. There are many theories, it is assumed that they came from India, Persia and Arabia. Probably the Magi were symbolic representatives of these three groups of wanderers.

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Where did the names of the Magi come from, when there is not a word about it in the Bible?

These names were assigned to this event only in the Middle Ages. Why then and such? This is not known.

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Where did the habit of writing K + M + B on the door come from?

Many people believe that K + M + B are the first letters of the Magi’s names. This is not true. This notation is derived from the Latin abbreviation CMB or Christus Mansionem Benedicat, which means “May Christ bless this house”. It is a very old tradition. Already in the Old Testament, in the Book of Exodus, there is a mention of the Angel of Death, who killed the original, bypassing the door marked with the blood of a lamb.

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What was the purpose of worshiping Jesus?

It was a symbolic bow of high-ranking people, from different sides, with different views, before God Incarnate. Showing people that the color of the skin or the wealth of the purse does not matter. God is above all and before God all are equal.

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Why did the Magi present myrrh, gold and incense?

Because they were the most valuable items from the areas they came from. Frankincense and myrrh were often more expensive than gold. Incense performed an important function of purification, and myrrh was used to embalm the bodies.

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Anyway, why are these wise men called kings?

This is most likely due to a misinterpretation of the word “magoi” written in the Bible. The word does not mean a king, but rather a magician, that is, a person with secret astrological knowledge. This error may have been deliberate to further emphasize that even kings pay homage to the baby of God born in a stable.

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