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Elephant information

The elephant is the largest land animal.

This is a mammal from the order of the buglers.

Elephant facts

Elephant facts

1. The heaviest species is the African elephant. The weight of an adult male reaches up to 6 tons.

2. The elephant’s heart rate is about 27 beats per minute.

3. The elephant’s pregnancy lasts the longest of all mammals, about 22 months.

4. The trunk of the elephant has over 40,000 muscles.

5. Elephants cry, laugh, play.

Author: Paulina

6. At the same time, an elephant can drink up to 5 liters of water.

Author: Paulina

7. There have been many cases when a wounded elephant came to areas inhabited by people asking for help.

8. Elephants are afraid of bees. They use a special signal to warn other flock members against them.

9. An adult elephant with a trumpet can lift a weight of up to 350 kg.

Author: Abc

10. Elephants are the only wild animals that understand the gesture of pointing to something without previous training.

11. In the trumpet, the elephant has no bones. Muscles are moved by hydrostatic pressure.

12. In 1915, an elephant from a Belgian zoo was used for field work.

Author: Vita

13. Young elephants suck their trumpet, just like small children suck their thumbs.

Author: Kasia

14. The legend of cyclopes has begun to find the skull of an elephant whose nasal cavity looks like a eye socket.

Author: Terminator

15. Elephants do not get cancer.

Author: VvV

16. Georg Church and a group of scientists placed mammoth DNA in the elephant genome.

17. More African elephants are killed by poachers than they are born.

Author: VvV

18. The red color deters elephants.

19. Pliny the Elder, Roman historian from the 1st century AD described that the best method of defense against elephants were pigs whose smell caused them panic.

Author: Mati

20. Elephants to save their lives from poachers, sometimes break their fangs against a tree, leaving them to hunters.

21. Elephant Musala in 2006 received a prosthesis, thanks to which she can walk after she lost her leg seven years earlier after falling into a mine.

22. In Botswana since 2014, it is forbidden to hunt wild animals.

Author: Hera

23. In 2012, a herd of elephants after drinking 500 liters of fruit wine demolished the Indian village of Dumurkota, and nearby fields.

24. Elephants do not have a gall bladder.

Author: Alicja

Elephant questions

Where do elephants live?
They occur in South and Southeast Asia and in Africa. You can meet them in countries such as: Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda, Zimbabwe, India, Sri Lanka, Namibia, Botswana, Nepal, Myanmar, Congo, Zambia, Mozambique, Gabon.

Answer: Paulina

How long is the elephant's tail?
The elephant’s tail reaches up to 1.5 m in length.

Answer: Paulina

What do elephants eat?
Elephants are herbivorous. They eat grass, leaves, tree bark, fruit.

Answer: Paulina

Why do elephants have such a big trumpet?
The trunk of the elephant is used for breathing, drinking, sniffing, bathing, and for collecting food from high branches.

Answer: Paulina

How old does an elephant live?
The elephant lives around 70 years

Answer: Abc

What dimensions did the largest elephant in the world have?
The largest elephant in the world was 4.2 meters high and weighed 10.8 tonnes.

Answer: Abc

Are elephants the only mammals that can not jump?
No, hippos, rhinoceroses, sloths and even moles can not jump, too.

Answer: Mati

What is the strength of an elephant compared to a horse?
The horse can lift about 35% of its body weight, and the elephant can raise up to 170%.

Answer: Marta

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