The electric eel is an electric fish found in South America.

Electric eel interesting facts

1. The electric eel, despite its name, is not a close relative of eels. It is closer to the sum.

2. Until 2019, only 1 species of electric eel was known. Currently, thanks to DNA analysis, three species are distinguished.

3. Electric eels have to rise to the surface every 10 minutes to get air. In this way, they obtain about 80% of the oxygen needed for life.

4. It can generate two types of electrical discharges: low voltage and high voltage.

5. An electric eel can generate a voltage of up to 860 volts.

6. An electric eel may jump out of the water during an attack.

7. They use low voltage to locate fast-moving predators.

8. 80% of his body consists of electrical organs.

9. Eels have very poor eyesight.

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Electric eel questions and answers

Can an Electric Eel Kill a Man?

An electric eel electrocuted can lead to paralysis, which will result in drowning even in shallow water.

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How big are electric eels?

The electric eel can be up to 2 meters long.

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Where can you meet the electric eel?

They are found in Guyana and the lowland Amazon basins.

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How much does an electric eel weigh?

An electric eel can weigh up to 20 kg.

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How to distinguish male from female?

The female has a darker belly color.

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What protects an electric eel from infecting itself?

Thick skin. If he is injured, he can electrocute himself.

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