Eggs are a common food product that is a source of high-quality protein and other nutrients.

Its composition is able to satisfy various nutritional needs of people, especially important in the diet of children and the elderly.

Eggs interesting facts

1. 8% of the egg production in the EU belongs to Poland

2. In a year, a hen can lay up to 340 eggs.

3. The hen lays one egg a day.

4. Eggs should be stored at 4-6 degrees Celsius.

5. The egg has cysteine ​​to break down the acetic aldecid produced after drinking alcohol, so it’s a good hangover meal.

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6. The egg is the largest single animal cell.

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7. At the end of 2017, the Italian trade was short of 100 million eggs a month.

8. Araucana is a Chilean chicken that lays blue-colored eggs.

9. In Gołdap in the Warmian-Masurian Voivodeship, on July 28, 2013, the world’s largest scrambled egg is fried with 5,000 eggs.

10. A traditional Berlin snack is hard-boiled pickled eggs.

11. Some Japanese vending machines sell eggs.

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12. White chickens lay white eggs, brown hens lay brown eggs.

13. Brown eggs are larger than white eggs.

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14. Ostriches lay the smallest eggs in relation to their dimensions (1.5%).

15. All eggs sold in the US are washed.

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16. Egg whites were used to make mortar in the 14th century.

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17. In the Belarusian city of Lelczyce, eggs can only be bought with a prescription.

18. There is more protein in the egg yolk than there is in the egg white.

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Eggs questions and answers

How much calories does an egg have?

A large egg (size L / XL) has approximately 70 calories.

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When is the first time to give a baby an egg?

Na pierwszy raz najlepiej dziecku podać samo żółtko w zupce około 7 miesiąca. Dlatego samo żółtko, ponieważ białko jest silnym alergenem i podaje się je trochę później około 11 miesiąca.

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What nutritional values does egg white contain?

Egg white is mainly sodium and vitamin B2, it does not contain cholesterol.

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What are the nutritional values of yolk?

The yolk contains much more nutritional value than protein. It has, among others, iron, calcium, phosphorus, zinc, B vitamins and fat-soluble vitamins A and E, antioxidants having a beneficial effect, among others. on the eyes or the nervous system. There are also mono and polyunsaturated acids, ie Omega-3, which improve the work of the brain and the development of eyesight.

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What are the benefits of eating eggs?

Eating one egg a day reduces the risk of stroke by 12%. The latest research shows that adding eggs to your salad increases the absorption of vitamin E.

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Is there an egg allergy?

Egg related allergy is most common in children, research indicates they grow out of this allergy later.

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How can I tell if an egg is old?

Just put it in the water. If it lifts, it is old.

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Which came first, the chicken or the egg?

According to scientists, the hen was first, because it produces proteins that are necessary for the formation of the egg shell.

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