Earth is the third planet from the Sun.

It is estimated to be around 4.54 billion years ago.

Earth is the only known planet where life exists.

In terms of size, it ranks 5th in the solar system.

Earth interesting facts

1. 70.8% of the Earth is water, the rest is islands and continents.

2. The highest point on Earth is Mounth Everest – its height is 8,848 km.

3. The lowest point on Earth is Challenger Deep located in the Marian Rift. Its depth is 10,994 km.

4. A natural satellite, the Moon, orbits the Earth.

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5. Earth is the largest rocky planet in the solar system in diameter, mass and density.

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6. The circumference of the earth is 40,075 km.

7. The surface area of ​​the Earth is 510,072,000 km².

8. A day on Earth lasts exactly 23.9345 hours.

9. The average atmospheric pressure is 1014 hPa.

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10. About 700 million years ago, during the Greatest Ice Age, virtually the entire surface of the Earth was covered with ice.

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11. The temperature in the core of the Earth is so high that the rocks are as liquid there as in the Earth’s mantle.

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12. Probably the Earth is also surrounded by rings, but you cannot see them because there are too few of them.

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13. There are over 7,600,308,612 people on Earth.

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14. According to the research on October 21, 2018, the Earth’s inner core is a solid.

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15. 400 km above the Earth’s surface begins the Van Allen Belt, which protects us from cosmic radiation.

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16. 650 million years ago, the Earth was completely covered with ice and snow.

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17. If the moon disappeared at night it would be completely dark, the stars would shine a little, but that’s nothing compared to the moonlight.

18. The ground, though very varied to us, is actually smoother than a bowling ball. High mountains and deep ocean trenches make up only 1/5000 of its circumference.

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19. The Earth is shaped like a geoid.

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Earth questions and answers

Is the Earth round?

The Earth is shaped like a geoid. It has a slight bulge towards the equator.

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How many people have lived on Earth in total?

It is estimated that the total of over 107 billion people lived on Earth.

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How fast is the Earth rotating?

At the equator, this speed is 1667 km / h, and at the poles 0 km / h.

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What would happen to the Earth if the Moon disappeared?

There would be huge changes in the weather due to the cessation of ocean tides. The earth started to rotate faster.

If the moon were to disappear, the werewolves would have nothing to howl for; (

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