Dragon trees facts


1. The scientific name is: Dracaena draco.

2. Dragon tree is a plant belonging to the family of Asparagus.

Author: AC

3. The resin of this tree after oxidation takes on a strong red color.

Author: Lidka

4. The dragon tree is a symbol of Sokotra.

5. The dragon tree grows at a rate of about 1 meter for 10 years.

6. The trunk has no rings.

7. The resin called the dragon’s blood was added to the toothpaste.

Author: Marta


Dragon trees questions

What height can a dragon tree reach?

The dragon tree can be up to 20 meters high.

Answer: Lidka

How can you estimate the age of a dragon tree since it has no rings?

The age of the dragon tree is assessed on the basis of the division of its branches.

Answer: Lidka

Where did the name of the dragon tree come from?

The resin of this tree after oxidation has a red color, which was associated with people with dragon’s blood.

Answer: Lidka

How old is the dragon tree?

This tree can survive up to 400 years.

Answer: Marta