Doom 3 is an action game, first person shooter in a horror atmosphere.

The producer of the game is id Software.

The premiere of the game for PC took place on August 3, 2004.

Minimal requirements Doom 3:

System:     Windows Xp (32-bit)
Processor:     Intel® Pentium 4 1.5GHz / AMD Athlon XP 1600+
Graphics Card:     AMD Radeon™ 7000 (64 MB) / NVIDIA GeForce FX 5200
RAM:     256 MB
Disk space:     2.2 GB

Recommended requirements Doom 3:

Graphics Card:    
Disk space:    

Doom 3 interesting facts

1. The action of the game takes place on Mars in 2145.

2. Over 3.5 million copies of the game have been sold.

3. The traversed locations are dark, which increases the feeling of fear.

4. The player could not hold a flashlight and a gun at the same time.

5. On April 3, 2005, an expansion pack was released – Doom 3: Resurrection of Evil.

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6. This game can be played on Linux.

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Doom 3 questions and answers

Can only be played on PC?

The game is also available on: xxx

Answer: ManiakPC

How much does Doom 3 cost?

Doom 3 costs about PLN 30 (data from March 1, 2019).

Answer: ManiakPC

How old can you play Doom 3?

Doom 3 can be played from the age of 18.

Answer: ManiakPC

Can you play Doom 3 in Polish?

A Polish language version is available.

Answer: ManiakPC

Why can you only play it from the age of 18?

Because there is violence in this game.

Answer: ManiakPC

How long will it take to complete Doom 3?

About 15 hours.

Answer: Gramy

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