Dolphin facts


1. Dolphins are water mammals from the order of cetaceans.

2. There are two types of dolphins: oceanic and freshwater.

Author: AC

3. Dolphins live in groups of several to several hundred individuals.

4. Dolphins have the ability of echolocation.

5. The species of dolphin Satina Coastal has the ability of electro reception.

6. Dolphins communicate with each other using sounds.

7. Dolphins sleep, hovering in the water at a depth of about 50 cm, with one eye open.

Author: Heron

8. Dolphins hunt for schools, sometimes with sharks.

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9. Dolphin is the biggest enemy of dolphins.

10. Dolphins is trained to do tricks in dolphinariums.

11. In India, dolphins have been granted the legal status of non-human persons, which gives them the legal sanction of the right to freedom.

Author: Tomek

12. Military training of dolphins in the US Navy began in 1959.

13. During the Vietnam War, dolphins provided escorts to American ships.

14. Several times it was observed how dolphins “play” with whales, arranging rides on their backs.

15. To catch your breath, the dolphin must emerge from the water.

16. The dolphin brain weighs about 2kg.

17. Dolphins are the only animals that have sex for pleasure. There have been cases of homosexuality and bisexuality. It happens to dolphins to take part in group orgiach.

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18. Malcolm Brenner wrote the book “Wet Goddess”, in which he detailed the story of his sexual relationship with a dolphin named Dolly.

Author: Lipton

19. 5 species of dolphins lives in rivers.

20. There is a pink albino dolphin in Lake Calcasieu in the US state of Louisiana.

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21. There is a dolphin living in the Baltic Sea – Porpoise.

22. The dolphin intelligence can be compared to the intelligence of a chimpanzee.

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23. Dolphins can not sneeze.

24. Dolphins give their names.

25. The dolphin is the fastest water mammal. He can reach a speed of 55 km / h.

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Dolphin questions

What do dolphins feed on?

Dolphins feed on fish, squid and crustaceans.

Answer: Heron

How many dolphins live?

Dolphins live from 7 to 21 years old.

Answer: Heron

How long is the dolphin?

The dolphin is from 1 to 5 m in length.

Answer: Heron

How long does a dolphin take for pregnancy?

Dolphin pregnancy lasts from 9 to 12 months.

Answer: Heron

Why can dolphins sometimes be found near shore in shallow water?

Dolphins go to shallow water mostly when they are injured or sick, so that they do not drown.

Answer: Mati

Do dolphins have bones?

Dolphins have bones. They are much lighter than the bones of land mammals.

Answer: Marta

Why are dolphins smiling all the time?

This is an illusion resulting from the arrangement of their jaws. Dolphins look smiling even when they have a “bad day”.

Answer: Ola

How do dolphins sleep?

In a dolphin, the brain hemisphere enters the sleep phase once and once. Thanks to this, he is active all the time.

Answer: Ola

Can a dolphin kill a man?

It can kill, but it is mainly by accident or in self-defense. Dolphin attacks on people are rare.

Answer: Ola