Divorce is the dissolution of a marriage relationship at the request of the spouse. It can be adjudicated by the fault of one of the spouses and by agreement of the parties – without naming the guilty person for the breakdown of the marriage.

A necessary condition for divorce is the occurrence of a complete and permanent breakdown of the marriage between the spouses, the only exception is the spouses’ agreement to dissolve the marriage.

Divorce interesting facts

1. 65% of the action is brought by a woman.

2. 70% of divorces end in a guilty verdict.

3. City dwellers are almost three times more likely to get divorces than rural residents.

4. In 2016, 63,497 divorces were pronounced in Poland.

5. In 2016, the most divorces were adjudicated in the Mazowieckie Voivodeship 8,569, and the lowest in the Opolskie Voivodeship 1,435.

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6. In 2016, the youngest person to get a divorce in Poland was only 19 years old.

7. Most often, people aged 35-39 get divorced, because in 2016 there were as many as 13,312 such divorces.

8. The most common reason for a divorce is incompatibility of character.

9. There is a presumption of descent from the husband of the mother of the child born up to 300 days after the divorce.

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10. The 99-year-old Italian divorced his 96-year-old wife in 2011 after learning that she had cheated on him 70 years earlier.

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11. On the Indonesian island of Java, each couple wishing to divorce must plant 25 trees.

12. In over 30% of divorce cases in the UK, the word “Facebook” is used as the reason.

13. In medieval Wales, a wife was legally allowed to divorce her husband who had bad breath.

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14. To the rumors about the alleged crisis in the relationship of the Polish presidential couple, which would even lead to a divorce, President Andrzej Duda replied: “Sometimes I get divorced too much. Agata tells me to speak shorter ;-)”.

15. In the Romanian town of Bertan there is a church with a “reconciliation room” with one bed, table, chair, spoon and bowl. Before making a final divorce decision, the couple must spend 2 weeks together in this room.

16. Russel Brand, after divorcing Katy Perry in 2012, could have received 50% of her estate (over $ 20 million), but refused to accept any money.

17. In ancient Rome, a man could divorce a woman when it turned out that she was childless, he ceased to like her, or, how often, she quarreled.

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Divorce questions and answers

When are we not getting a divorce?

When a divorce would be contrary to the good of the common minor children, even in the event of a grassy and complete breakdown of marriage. When it is inconsistent with the principles of social coexistence. Divorce will also not be pronounced when it is requested by a spouse who is solely guilty of the breakdown of the marriage. The only exception to the inadmissibility of divorce due to the sole fault of the spouse is consent to the divorce of the innocent spouse.

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Where to file for divorce?

The divorce application should be submitted to the District Court to which the defendant spouse belongs due to the place of residence.

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What are the legal bases for divorce?

Act of February 25, 1964, Family and Guardianship Code and the Act of November 11, 1964, Code of Civil Procedure

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How long does it take to change my name after the divorce has become final?

We have 3 months to return to our name after the divorce decree becomes final, it can be changed by a declaration submitted to the head of the registry office

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Who is entitled to maintenance after divorce?

After the divorce, maintenance is due to a person caring for children up to 26 years of age (otherwise in education up to 18 years of age), and when the divorce is guilty, maintenance is due to the aggrieved spouse who would live in poverty due to the divorce.

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How Much Does a Divorce Cost?

Filing a lawsuit is subject to a fee of PLN 600. But if we are unable to bear the court costs without so-called detriment to the necessary support for ourselves and the family, we may apply for an exemption from court fees.

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