The surname is the country of the football player who plays for the position.

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Clubs Diego Maradona played in

Estrella Roja 1968–1969
Los Cebollitas 1970–1974
Argentinos Juniors 1975–1981
Boca Juniors 1981–1982
FC Barcelona 1982–1984
SSC Napoli 1984–1991
Sevilla FC 1992–1993
Newell’s Old Boys 1993–1994
Boca Juniors 1995–1997

Diego Maradona interesting facts

1. He played xxx matches in the senior national team (until May 2019).

2. As a junior he played for the club.

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3. The name manager is xxx.

4. The name equipment sponsor is xxx.

5. Its market value is estimated at EUR (data from May 2019).

6. The highest estimate in career is Euro amount (date).

7. The most expensive transfer: the date of the year from the club went to the club for the amount of euro.

8. The sum of all transfers is xxx euro (data from May 2019).

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9. The date of the year made his debut in the first team. Played xxx minutes in a win-win game against the country.

10. The surname made his Champions League debut date of the year in the club colors. His team beat the club by a score.

11. In all club matches (data from May 2019), he played a total of xxx matches and scored xxx goals.

12. Most goals (xxx) he scored between the xx-xx minutes of the match (data from May 2019).

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13. From one year to May 2019, he was injured xxx times (a total of xxx days). The longest, xxx days, was recovering from injury in season xx / xx.

14. surname is right-footed / left-footed player.

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15. Looking at the estimated value, it ranks xxx among the best footballers in the world (data from May 2019).

16. It is the place of the highest earning football player in the country (data from May 2019).

17. In its position, only the number of players in the world has a higher estimated value (data from May 2019).

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18. In his career so far, he has taken penalty shots in the regular time of the game xxx times. Xxx of them turned into goals.

19. In the current club he plays with the number xx on his jersey, and in the national team with the number xxx.

20. The first goal in his senior career was scored in a xxx match when he was of age

21. He played the most matches against the club – xxx, he gave / scored xxx goals (data from May 2019).

22. In the 2018/19 season, he scored an average goal every xxx minutes.

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Diego Maradona questions and answers

Where and when was Diego Maradona born?

Diego Maradona was born on October 30, 1960 in the city of Lanús (Argentina).

Answer: Marta

How old is Diego Maradona?

Diego Maradona is 58 years old (May 2019).

Answer: Marta

How tall is Diego Maradona?

Diego Maradona is about 165 cm tall.

Answer: Marta

What is Diego Maradona’s sign of the Zodiac?


Answer: Marta

How much does Diego Maradona weigh?

Diego Maradona weighs about kg.

Answer: Kibic

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