The crab is a short-tailed crustacean of the tenth-legged order.

It was first described by Carl Linnaeus in 1758.

Scientific name: Brachyura

Crab interesting facts

1. The Japanese spider crab is the largest arthropod in the world. The span of its long and thin legs is up to 3 meters.

2. Most crab species do not feel pain.

3. Crabs are the most numerous group of tenths. Over 10,000 of their species have been described.

4. A female crab can lay up to 2,000 eggs at a time.

5. Most crabs move sideways. Only a few go forward or backward.

6. There are many animals called crabs that only really resemble them in appearance, such as hermit crab, king crab, porcelain crab.

7. About 1.5 million tons of crabs are eaten annually in the world.

8. Crabs represent two distinct lineages (Old World and New World).

9. Crab meat contains high amounts of vitamin B12.

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Crab questions and answers

Where are the crabs found?

Crabs are found in tropical and semi-tropical regions of the world.

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How many crabs live?

The age of the crabs varies greatly depending on the size of the species. (from 3 years the smallest species to even 100 years the largest).

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How to distinguish the sex of crabs?

The male crab has larger claws in most cases. Their lower shell also differs. Males have a narrow little triangle on it, and females have a wider, rounded triangle.

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What do crabs eat?

Crabs are omnivores.

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