Tournament participants: Russia (host), Germany (2014 World Cup), Australia (Asian Champion), Chile (South American Champion), Mexico (North American Champion), Portugal (European Champion), New Zealand (Oceania Champion), Cameroon (Champion Africa).

8 teams (continental champions, world champion and host) are taking part in the fight for the cup.

Closing match – July 2, 2017 in St. Petersburg.

The opening match – June 17, 2017 in St. Petersburg.

The Confederation Cup is an international football tournament.

The organizer is the International Football Federation (FIFA).

Confederations Cup interesting facts

1. The first tournament was held in Saudi Arabia in 1992 under the name of the King Fahd Cup.

2. In 1997, the tournament was organized by FIFA under the name we know today – the Confederation Cup.

3. Until 2005, the tournament was held every 2 years, now every 4 years.

4. Qatar will not host the 2021 Confederations Cup, despite hosting the World Cup a year later. The reason is too high summer temperatures in this country.

5. Brazil has won the Confederation Cup four times (1997,2005,2009,2013).

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6. At the first tournament in 1992, 18 goals (4.5 per game) were scored in 4 matches.

7. The most goals were scored in 20013 at the tournament in Brazil – 68 (4.2 goals per game).

8. In 1999, the attendance record was broken, 16 matches were watched by 970,000 spectators (over 60,000 per game).

9. The best players of the tournaments: 1995 – Brian Laudrup, 1997 – Denílson, 1999 – Ronaldinho, 2001 – Robert Pirès, 2003 – Thierry Henry, 2005 – Adriano, 2009 -Kaká, 2013 – Neymar.

10. In 2001, there were 7 kings to score with only two goals on their account.

11. In 1997, Romário scored 7 goals in 5 matches.

12. The total capacity of the 4 stadiums in St. Petersburg, Moscow, Kazan and Sochi is 206,532 seats.

13. Brazil has participated in the Confederation Cup 7 times. This achievements will not increase, because she did not manage to get into the tournament organized in Russia.

14. Brazil played 33 matches at the tournament (23 wins, 5 draws and 5 defeats).

15. Brazil’s goalkeeper Dida played 22 matches at the tournament.

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16. Biggest win: Spain – Tahiti 10-0 (June 20, 2013).

17. In the semi-final game on August 1, 1999, a record result of 8-2 was scored in the match between Brazil and Saudi Arabia.

18. On June 29, 2003, France defeated Cameroon 1-0 in the final, scoring a “golden goal” in extra time.

19. The Brazilians scored 78 goals in the Confederation Cup in total.

20. Mexico conceded a total of 33 goals in the Confederation Cup.

21. Spain has the best average goals per game – 2.6.

22. Fernando Torres in 2009 in a match against New Zealand scored a hat-trick within 11 minutes.

23. The fastest goal was scored in 1997 by Hassan Mubarak in 39 seconds of the UAE-South Africa match.

24. Chile, Russia and Portugal will compete in the Confederation Cup for the first time.

25. Goal Line technology will be used for the first time in the tournament.


The total area of ​​all continents is 148,647,000 km².

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Confederations Cup questions and answers

What is the point of organizing such a tournament?

It is a general test for the best national teams before the World Cup. Newly built stadiums are also put to the test.

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How is the host of the tournament selected?

Since 2001, the tournament has been hosted by the country that hosts the World Cup the following year (previously also the European Championship).

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Will Poland ever play in this tournament?

In order to participate in this tournament, one of three conditions must be met. Become a European Champion, World Champion, or host the World Cup. I believe that one day it will succeed 🙂

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What if a team wins the World Championship and becomes the Continental Champion?

This was the case in 2001, when France entered the tournament as the World Champion and the European Champion. Mexico, the winner of the previous edition of the Confederation Cup, was invited to the tournament.

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Why is Australia competing in the Asian Championship and not the Oceania Championship?

Australia received permission from FIFA to join the Asian confederation in 2006. This was due to too much difference in the potential of the Oceania representation. In matches with teams such as Kiribati, Palau, Tonga, “hockey” results were scored. The record was set on April 11, 2001 in the qualifying World Cup: Australia – American Samoa 31-0. Such a rivalry made no sense.

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What are the prizes?

The prize pool is $ 20 million. The winner will receive $ 4.1 million, and the loser in the final will receive $ 3.6 million.

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What are the ticket prices?

Prices for Russian residents start from 960 rubles (about PLN 63), and for foreigners from $ 70 (about PLN 260).

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Where can you watch the tournament on TV?

Polish Television will broadcast all 16 matches of the tournament.

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