Chocolate is a confectionery made from cocoa liquor, cocoa butter called cocoa butter, sugar and flavorings.

The first chocolate in a drinking form was prepared by the Maya. It was a bitter ritual drink called xocolatl.

September 4 is the international day of chocolate.

Chocolate interesting facts

1. Xococalit – the Mayan name of drinking chocolate meant – bitter water.

2. Mayans added honey, chili or corn to cocoa beans.

3. It was only in the 17th century that people began to drink cocoa beans in warm water with added sugar.

4. The first bar of chocolate was created by Francis Fry in 1847.

5. Drinking chocolate was very expensive initially, not many people could afford it.

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6. The drinking chocolate made by the Maya was very unpalatable.

7. Chocolate contains a small amount of caffeine.

8. Eating chocolate makes you feel better because it contains theobromine and phenylalanine.

9. The largest bar of chocolate was created on April 11, 2015 in Split, Croatia. Its area is 102.43 m2. It weighed 5 tons and 792 kg.

10. The largest chocolate bar in the world could be used to make over 72,000 standard chocolate bars.

11. It is estimated that the largest chocolate in the world had 29 million calories.

12. Belgium is known as the country of chocolate.

13. Chocolate does not raise cholesterol.

14. White chocolate does not contain cocoa.

15. Americans eat the most chocolate in the world.

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16. There are chocolates that do not dissolve. They were created with soldiers in mind, so that they could carry them in their pockets.

17. Eating 40 bars of chocolate at a time can kill you.

18. The Mayans used chocolate as currency.

19. Chocolate is one of the few edible substances that dissolve in the mouth.

20. The first European who had contact with chocolate was Christopher Columbus. In 1502, off the coast of today’s Honduras, he came across a boat carrying cocoa seeds.

21. The Aztecs adopted the custom of drinking chocolate from the Maya. They significantly improved its taste.

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Chocolate questions and answers

Where did the name chocolate come from?

The origin of the name is not fully known. In the Mayan language, xocolati literally means “bitter water” or from chokolhaa, meaning “hot drink”.

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How did chocolate come to Europe?

Only a handful of cocoa beans, from which the Mayans made chocolate, were brought to Europe by Christopher Columbus as a curiosity. However, it did not cause a sensation, because the recipe for its preparation was unknown.

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Eating chocolate is good for …?

It is good for improving mood, memory, and stimulates action. Theobromine has antitussive properties. Dark chocolate prevents ache. Eating dark chocolate every day lowers the risk of a heart attack,

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Can you be addicted to chocolate?

Chocolate supports the release of dopamine, which is largely responsible for the development of addiction.

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