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1. Chicken is a breeding bird from the hen’s family, bred throughout the world. It does not occur in the natural environment.

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2. The hen domestication probably took place in the third millennium BC. in India.

3. Researchers from the University of Uppsala and the University of Addis Abbebie have proven that the ingredients typical of chicken feathers repel mosquitoes.

4. The chickens use 24 different sounds to communicate with each other.

5. There are almost eighty races gathered in several groups with various applications.

6. A significant number of chickens has four fingers, three of which are forward and four backwards, so that the bird maintains a stable posture.

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7. The chicken can turn the head up to 180 degrees and move it in the vertical and horizontal planes.

8. The only period in which the hen does not carry is the period of moulting. We call the annual process, during which the birds lose their feathers, and the new ones grow back in place of the lost feathers. This affliction usually lasts for a month or two.

9. The chicken turns the eggs, which he eats up to 5 times per hour.

10. Before hatching, the chick is able to communicate with her mother via sent signals. The chicks also communicate with each other to synchronize the hatching time.

11. The oldest hen was 16 years old. On average, they live about 12 years.

12. The chickens begin to carry eggs in the twentieth week of life.

13. It is estimated that up to 89 percent of all eggs produced in Poland come from caged hens.

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14. The longest hen flight ever seen lasted 13 seconds.

15. The farthest chicken flight that was observed was 91.9 meters.

16. The modern hen on day 48 has 3 times more chicken than 50 years ago.

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17. A heavily frightened hen can stop laying eggs.

18. In 2012, an unusual situation occurred in Sri Lanka. The hen gave birth to a live chick. It was the first case of this type that was observed.

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19. Although it is hard to believe, the hen is the closest relative of the T-Rex dinosaur.

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20. Chicken feathers contain substances that repel mosquitoes.

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21. The richest hen in the world had $ 10 million.

22. The oldest hen was 16 years old and usually live 12 years.

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23. Over 150 million chickens are killed each year in the Czech Republic.

24. Czech scientists have developed a way to produce chicken feather fertilizer.

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What characterizes laying hens?

The body weight of laying hens at the age of 20 weeks is 1.20 – 1.60 kg in females, 1.70 – 2.45 kg in males. Male laying hens are characterized by a great temperament, approximately 14 females are used for one male. Laying is around 230 – 320 eggs per year, egg weight within 54 – 66 g, and feed consumption for one production is 140 – 160 g [

Answer: Paulina

What characterizes chicken chickens?

They come from Asia, where their ancestors live to this day in the wild state. They are characterized by high body weight (sometimes exceeding 5 kg), good muscle development and low lay.

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How many eggs does a hen bear each year?

The hen slaves an average of about 140 eggs per year.

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What was the first thing, a chicken or an egg?

According to scientists, the chicken was first because it produces proteins that are necessary to create an egg shell.

Answer: LM

Where do chickens live?

Chickens are grown all over the world.

Answer: Alina

How many hens?

The hen weighs an average of 1.2 to 2.4 kg.

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How many chickens in the world are there?

The number of chickens in the world is equal to the number in the pieces of all other birds taken together.

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How many hens are there?

There are about 200 breeds of hens.

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From what week is the hen (leghorn) carried?

From about 22 weeks.

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